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@Shazwazza Shazwazza released this May 3, 2019 · 1 commit to master since this release

Hooray! v4.0.0 is out and built for Umbraco v8! (This release requires a minimum Umbraco version of 8.0.2)

This is a pretty huge release!! check out the milestone:

Articulate is on Nuget:

PM> Install-Package Articulate

And also

New Installs

Via Nuget

Articulate will add an Articulate dashboard in the Settings section. If you install via Nuget, then you won't have the Articulate data automatically installed for you so once you load up your back office, go to the Dashboard and install the data:


Via Back office

If you install Articulate through the back office - it's just like it was before and Articulate will populate all of the demo data automatically.


This is going to take some manual effort!

I haven't had any time to write any official upgrade documentation and there is no magic script to do this. You'll need to use your amazing Developer skillz to get it done 🥇🏆

What you'll need to do:

  • Backup everything first
  • Then you'll need to upgrade your project to Umbraco 8.0.2 (minimum) - This will require you to update a lot of your code with the changes between 7.x and 8
  • There are a bunch of model changes in Articulate 4 so you'll need to update these changes in all of your cshtml theme view files

Best way to do this that I can suggest for now is to:

  • Have a look at the milestone notes with regards to what has changed:
  • Have a look at all of the code changes in Articulate from 3.0.2 -> 4.0.0 which you can see here
  • Not a lot of Umbraco schema has changed, you can see what has changed here by looking at the above link and looking at the changes for the packageManifest.xml file but i think it's really just:
    • The property editor Articulate.MarkdownEditor no longer exists and any data type using that now needs to be Umbraco.MarkdownEditor
    • The property editor Umbraco.TinyMCEv3 no longer exists and any data type using that now needs to be
  • Note that several Articulate themes have been removed so if you are using one of the themes that have been
    removed you won't have a reference to what has changed and you'll need to take inspiration from the other themes to see what has changed
  • All references to Google plus have been removed - since it no longer exists
  • Have a look at what has changed in the theme files with the above link to give you an idea on what will need to change, for example, have a look at the changes for src/Articulate.Web/App_Plugins/Articulate/Themes/VAPOR/Views/Post.cshtml and src/Articulate.Web/App_Plugins/Articulate/Themes/VAPOR/Views/List.cshtml ... there's not a ton of changes and most of the Articulate model changes have to do with how images are handled
  • Themes that are shipped are much more fully features, you can see their features sets here:
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