Theme File Structure

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All themes files are located in:


File & folder structure for themes

This is the conventional file/folder structure for an Articulate theme which should always be followed. If these conventions are not followed some of the Articulate view helper methods will not work.

  • Theme Name
    • Assets
      • css
        • example.css
      • img
        • example.jpg
      • js
        • example.js
    • Views
      • Partials
        • ExamplePartialView.cshtml
      • ExampleView.cshtml
      • web.config

Standard Views

There are 4 standard views located in the /Views folder. These views are:

  • Master.cshtml
    • This is the master layout file that all views in the current theme share
  • List.cshtml
    • This view is used to list paged blog posts - this is used on the Articulate root node, when listing blog posts by category or tag, and also for search results
  • Post.cshtml
    • This is the blog post view
  • Tags.cshtml
    • This is the view that lists all posts by categories or tags

Some themes may not have all 4 views included in them if they don't support all features. For example, out of the box the Mini theme does not support the Tags/Categories listing and therefore it doesn't have the Tags.cshtml view.

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