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Versioning dependencies

You'll notice in the CDF configuration that the only mandatory config attribute is the version.

The version number does the following:

  • Appends a version number as a query string to each JavaScript/CSS file request when in debug mode.
    • This is useful for new web application deployments as it will force all browsers to request an un-cached file. This solves the issue of having to clear your browser cache (or getting your clients to clear their cache)
  • When not in debug mode, forces the system to create newly versioned composite files. This refreshes the server output cache. This also solves the problem with browser cache as well.

When you deploy a new version of your site to your staging/live environment it is hightly recommended to increment this version number to ensure that the server and browser cache is cleared. Generally if you have a build server/continuous integration, this is easily accomplished in the build process.