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Working with MVC in Umbraco

Applies to: Umbraco 4.10.0+

This section will define the syntax for rendering content in your views


Documentation covering the syntax to use in your Views to render and query content

Partial Views

Documentation covering how to use Partial Views. This is not documentation about using "Partial View Macros", this documentation relates simply to using native MVC partial views within Umbraco.

Surface Controllers

What is a Surface Controller and how to use them

Child Actions

Using MVC Child Actions in Umbraco


How to create html forms to submit data


How to query for data in your Views

Custom controllers (hijacking routes)

Creating custom controllers to have 100% full control over how your pages are rendered. AKA: Hijacking Umbraco Routes

Custom routes

How to specify your own custom MVC routes in your application to work outside of the Umbraco pipeline

Using IoC

How to setup IoC/Dependency Injection containers for use in MVC within Umbraco

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