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[MS-OFFCRYPTO] encryption tools (currently a password validator for XLS files)


npm install -g crackajax


$ crackajax password_protected_file.xls trial_password

will warn you if the file is not password protected, or print true/false.

$ crackajax password_protected_file.xls :: number_of_iterations [starting_key]

will attempt to perform a direct key attack on the XLS (40-bit key) by trying values starting from starting_key (expressed as 40-bit hexadecimal: 10 chars) and running up to starting_key + number_of_iterations - 1. It will print out timing information for the attack.

In JS: (currently unsupported in the browser, but that is a goal)

var crackajax = require('crackajax');
crackajax.verifyrc4(password, salt, verifier, verifier_hash)

For more details, consult MS-OFFCRYPTO