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SheetJSDev version bump 0.12.4: zip cleanup
- PK magic number bound (fixes #1013 h/t @wlpeter)
- removed JSZip conflict (fixes #1017 h/t @seanmars)
- updated CFB to 1.0.5
- demo HTML conversion `string`
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Makefile demo refresh [ci skip] Sep 24, 2017


The library is compatible with Browserify and should just work out of the box.

This demo uses the require form to expose the whole library, enabling client code to access the library with var XLSX = require('xlsx'). The JS code from the root demo was moved to a separate app.js script. That script is bundled:

browserify app.js > browserify.js
uglifyjs browserify.js > browserify.min.js

Worker Scripts

Browserify can also bundle worker scripts! Instead of using importScripts, the worker script should require the module:

+var XLSX = require('xlsx');

The same process generates the worker script:

browserify xlsxworker.js > worker.js
uglifyjs worker.js > worker.min.js


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