OpenGL-based engine for 2D games, written in C++. Free for any use (MIT style license)
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The Pixie Engine

OpenGL-based engine for 2D games, written in C++. Free for any use (MIT style license)


This is still very early WiP, and it's unsuitable for serious game making... yet :-)

Why another engine?

Well, there are dozens of 2D engines in the wild, almost all related to making games for mobile, arcade, dynamic with physics and so on. ... but not this one. This is engine to write strategy games, 4x games, cRPG, and games that actually uses GUI more than Box2D collisions :-)

Some features that I missed in other engines and I wanted to add here:

  • Very permissive license - Done 100%, it's MIT/X11 :-)
  • Hot assets reload (that's right, you can change your asset without even having to restart game!) - Done 75%
  • Fully moddable for end users (if the platform allows it) - Done 75%
  • Cross-platform OpenGL renderer
  • Network support for turn-based and real-time games
  • GUI based on libRocket - you can write it in RML (looks almost like HTML + CSS!)
  • Scriptable (AngelScript backend)
  • Full use of C++ 14/17
  • Great care put to nice look'n'feel (I'm artists too!)

When it will be production-ready?

I expect to have it ready for writing games about May 2018

Who is the author?

Gamedev programmer in retirement, now working in more serious programming corporation. I have a few games published commercially as of now, and hope to extend that list some time in the future :-) Oh, and I am artist too, see my 3D art here: