A weakly supervised regression approach to directly predict the probability of pathogenicity based on categorized pathogenicity classes
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The Data folder contains all raw data(including features and labels)

The different feature sets of curated variants from ClinVar are stored in folder with naming pattern like:

features_last-interpreted-date(06-29-2017)_geq(greater and equal to)2/3(stars)_(wholeFeature)

  • Folders end with wholeFeature contain 71 features with names listed below:

Effect, Structure_and_dynamics, Secondary_structure, Stability_and_conformational_flexibility, Conformational_flexibility, Special_structural_signatures, Signal_peptide, Transmembrane_protein, Functional_residue, Macromolecular_binding, Protein_binding, Disordered_interface, Ordered_interface, Metal_binding, PTM_site, Intrinsic_disorder, B-factor, Relative_solvent_accessibility, Helix, Strand, Loop, N-terminal_signal, Signal_helix, C-terminal_signal, Signal_cleavage, Cytoplasmic_loop, Transmembrane_region, Non_cytoplasmic_loop, Coiled_coil, Catalytic_site, Calmodulin_binding, DNA_binding, RNA_binding, PPI_residue, PPI_hotspot, MoRF, Allosteric_site, Cadmium_binding, Calcium_binding, Cobalt_binding, Copper_binding, Iron_binding, Magnesium_binding, Manganese_binding, Nickel_binding, Potassium_binding, Sodium_binding, Zinc_binding, Acetylation, ADP-ribosylation, Amidation, C-linked_glycosylation, Carboxylation, Disulfide_linkage, Farnesylation, Geranylgeranylation, GPI_anchor_amidation, Hydroxylation, Methylation, Myristoylation, N-terminal_acetylation, N-linked_glycosylation, O-linked_glycosylation, Palmitoylation, Phosphorylation, Proteolytic_cleavage, Pyrrolidone_carboxylic_acid, Sulfation, SUMOylation, Ubiquitylation, Stability

  • Other folders contain 9 features (a subset of these 71 features. See section 2.3 in the paper) with names listed below:

Relative_solvent_accessibility, Allosteric_site, Catalytic_site, Secondary_structure, Stability_and_conformational_flexibility, Special_structural_signatures, Macromolecular_binding, Metal_binding, PTM_site

The different label sets of curated variants are stored in folder with naming pattern like:

labels_last-interpreted-date(06-29-2017)_geq(greater and equal to)2/3(stars)

  • Five classes are represented with number one to five:

Benign - 1
Likely Benign - 2
Uncertain - 3
Likely Pathogenic - 4
Pathogenic - 5

Features and labels of CAGI test set are in CAGI_test folder

  • Files with whole contain 71 features
  • Files without whole contain 9 features


  • Each file contains data for one gene.
  • Files ending with clean only contains feauture matrix
  • Files without clean additionally contains variant names and header information