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Advanced PlayStation 1 Memory Card editor



  • .NET Framework 3.5.
  • Windows® Vista™ or 7 for the glass status bar.

Supported Memory Card formats:

  • ePSXe/PSEmu Pro Memory Card(*.mcr)
  • DexDrive Memory Card(*.gme)
  • pSX/AdriPSX Memory Card(*.bin)
  • Bleem! Memory Card(*.mcd)
  • VGS Memory Card(*.mem, *.vgs)
  • PSXGame Edit Memory Card(*.mc)
  • DataDeck Memory Card(*.ddf)
  • WinPSM Memory Card(*.ps)
  • Smart Link Memory Card(*.psm)
  • MCExplorer(*.mci)
  • PSP virtual Memory Card(*.VMP) (opening only)
  • PS3 virtual Memory Card(*.VM1)

Supported single save formats:

  • PSXGame Edit single save(*.mcs)
  • XP, AR, GS, Caetla single save(*.psx)
  • Memory Juggler(*.ps1)
  • Smart Link(*.mcb)
  • Datel(.mcx;.pda)
  • RAW single saves
  • PS3 virtual saves (*.psv) (importing only)

Hardware interfaces

MemcardRex supports communication with the real Memory Cards via external devices:

1. DexDrive
As you may or may not know DexDrive is a very quirky device and sometimes it just refuses to work.
Even the first party software (DexPlorer) has problems with it (failed detection of a device).
If you encounter problems, unplug power from DexDrive, unplug it from COM port and connect it all again.

It is recommended that a power cord is connected to DexDrive, otherwise some cards won't be detected.
Communication was tested on Windows 7 x64 on a real COM port and with a Prolific and FTDI based USB adapters.

To select a COM port DexDrive is connected to go to "Options"->"Preferences".

2. MemCARDuino
MemCARDuino is an open source Memory Card communication software for various Arduino boards.

3. PS1CardLink
PS1CardLink is a software for the actual PlayStation and PSOne consoles.
It requires an official or home made TTL serial cable for communication with PC.

With it your console becomes a Memory Card reader similar to the DexDrive and MemCARDuino.


Beta testers:
Gamesoul Master, Xtreme2damax and Carmax91.

Thanks to:
@ruantec, Cobalt, TheCloudOfSmoke, RedawgTS, Hard core Rikki, RainMotorsports, Zieg, Bobbi, OuTman, Kevstah2004, Kubusleonidas, Frédéric Brière, Mark James, Cor'e and DeadlySystem.


Advanced PlayStation 1 Memory Card editor




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