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Cocos2d-html5 Show Case : MoonWarriors
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MoonWarriors 战神传说

This showcase utilizes many features from "Cocos2d-html5 engine",including:

  • Parallax background
  • tilemap
  • actions
  • ease
  • frame animation
  • schedule
  • Labels
  • keyboard Dispatcher
  • Scene Transition

Art and audio is copyrighted by Enigmata Genus Revenge, you may not use any copyrighted material without permission.

This showcase is licensed under GPL

Authors 作者

  • Programmer: Shengxiang Chen (陈升想), Dingping Lv (吕定平)
  • Effects animation: Hao Wu (吴昊)
  • Quality Assurance: Sean Lin (林顺)

Website 相关站点

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