Parses a Zetaback Violators Report and returns a list of hosts that need to be reviewed.
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zbv-parser – The simple Zetaback Violator report parser.

By Jared Koumentis

What it does.

  • Takes input of a plain text file in the format of a Zetaback violator report.
  • Outputs only legit violators. (To allow you to focus on your work.)

Why it exists.

  • In my work, I have to review Zetaback violator reports. These are used to ensure our backups are up to date.
  • Any backup that is “stale”, that is older than 14 days, ends up in the report.
  • The objective is to allow you to use the report and determine what you should look at and ensure that your backups are working properly.
  • Unfortunately, the way it reports, it will not take into consideration that a Full backup is dependent on an Incremental that has not gone stale. However, it will still report the Full backup as “stale”.
  • These false positives suck and make my job harder. So, this exists to trim out these false positives.

How to use it.

  • Call the program like “$ ruby zbv-parser.rb ./zetaback-report”
  • It will then parse your log, finding actual violations, and output to your terminal with the actual violators.
  • Take care of the violators while enjoying the fact that you don’t have to attempt to manually parse through all the false positives.


  • Ruby ~> 1.9


  • MIT license. See LICENSE for details.