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Our Values

Humans come first

Everything we build is for another human. We build software to make that person’s life easier or better. We respect their privacy and implement world-class security to help protect it.

But that is simply the foundation. On top of that we implement design for humans. We go out of our way to ensure that what we build works well and spend the extra time necessary to make it right.

This value doesn’t only apply to our clients or customers but to ourselves. We have to take good care of ourselves to ensure that we can provide our best every day.


We take what we do personally and strongly believe that what we build is a direct reflection of ourselves. Therefore we strive to build things right the first time, doing the hard work to implement long-term solutions that might take a little more time rather than sticking on quick bandaids that are sure to fall off.

We care about providing value whether we are building for our clients, our customers, or for ourselves.

Communicate with honesty and transparency

We go out of our way to speak the whole truth. Our methodology is simple – what would we want to know if we were in the other person’s position?

Speaking honestly isn’t the easiest path – many times it is more difficult than simply saying what someone wants to hear or not saying anything at all. But honesty is worth the difficulty and is one of the keys to simplicity, the foundation of building strong relationships, and creating the best things.

Diversity and inclusion

We strongly believe in the strength of diverse backgrounds. We believe that certain values should be shared but beyond those diversity makes us better. We go out of our way to work with people with diverse backgrounds and put effort into working with clients in varying industries. This keeps us out of our bubble – making us see the world and problems we’re solving from different angles.

Learning never stops

We work in an industry where everything constantly changes around us. We are fortunate because we are pushed to constantly learn. Whether we are learning job-related things or things that are completely unrelated, we strongly believe that constant learning is a key to our success now and in the future. Plus, it is good to be humbled by how little we know on a regular basis.

We also believe you can learn something from everyone you come across if you’re smart enough to keep your mind open.

Leave the world better than we got it

We believe we have a commitment to this world and every other being that shares it with us. This means limiting our environmental impact as much as possible, volunteering to benefit the world around us, and causing as little harm as possible through the work we do and the lives we live.

Make things as simple as possible

We aim to choose the simplest tool to accomplish a given task and use as few moving pieces as possible. Going out of our way to make things simple means that we build things that are easier to understand, are easier to maintain, and are less likely to break.

Performance is a feature

We go out of our way to ensure that what we build is fast and light from the beginning.