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An elegant solution to adjusting wins/losses/draws/sr on the fly.
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StreamSAK v4.7.0

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Download StreamSAK

As a streamer, I've always looked for an elegant tool that I could use to adjust my wins/losses/draws count on the fly, or various text tidbits, without having to tab out or edit a file manually. I never found anything, so I decided to make it myself. StreamSAK stands for Stream S-wiss A-rmy K-nife, by the way.

Note: The program creates files to hold the data in the program location. For example, if the .jar file is on my Desktop, it will create its files on the Desktop. I recommend placing it in a folder by itself somewhere, and letting StreamSAK populate that folder. Then, just set up OBS to read in text from the locations StreamSAK created, and your counter/text adjuster is all set up to go!

Want to see it in action? Check it out here!

Since the video (v3.0), lots of awesome changes have been made, check the release notes below to get a better idea of what's been changed.

If you want to learn more about developing and/or using plug-ins which work with StreamSAK, check that out here: StreamSAK Plug-ins

If you want to support me, check out my Twitch channel!


v4.7.0 (09.04.19) - Resizable

  • It took me a while to add this, but you can now resize the StreamSAK window.

v4.6.0 (03.04.19) - Keybinds!

  • As requested, I've added keybind support for counters into StreamSAK.

v4.5.0 (04.19.18) - Plug-in updates.

  • Complete overhaul to the plug-in library; now supports 0.4.0.
  • Minor bug fixes.

v4.4.1 (04.16.18) - UI bug fixes. Plug-in updates.

  • Fixed a bug where the button highlighting would sometimes leave a button highlighted.
  • Fixed a bug where right-clicking an adjuster would not highlight to show reset.
  • Updates plug-in library to build 0.3.1; now includes an application settings call.

v4.4.0 (04.16.18) - UI/workflow updates. Plug-in updates.

  • Removed "Delete Counter" from the options and gave each counter individual delete buttons.
  • Removed "Delete Adjuster" from the options and gave each adjuster individual delete buttons.
  • Updated plug-in library to build 0.3.0; now includes application start/end calls.

v4.3.2 (04.11.18) - Plug-in loader bug fixes. General bug fixes. UI updates.

  • Fixed a bug where auto-entering input would not read in the adjuster input accurately.
  • Fixed a bug where sometimes entering input would not take action.
  • Created more space between the options on the left side.
  • Created more space below the input text field.
  • Updated the manual-check update to include the recent release notes.

v4.3.1 (04.11.18) - Plug-in loader bug fixes.

  • Fixed a bug where the plug-in loader could not accurately tell what library build a plug-in was using.

v4.3.0 (04.11.18) - UI updates; plug-in loader bug fixes.

  • Big changes to the StreamSAK UI: removed AC button (now always on); added custom menu bar; support the dev moved to menu bar; StreamSAK version and library build moved to menu bar; clear log moved to above the log.
  • Fixed a bug where the plug-in loader would accidentally try to load its own library.

v4.2.1 (04.10.18) - Plug-in library updates.

  • StreamSAKPluginLibrary updates to ensure that plug-ins are never out of date with the current plug-in library build.

v4.1.1 (04.09.18) - UI changes to updater; crucial bug fixed.

  • New StreamSAK updater UI.
  • Fixed bug with plug-in loader which prevented all .class files in a plug-in from loading in.

v4.1 (04.09.18) - Plug-in support for auto calls.

  • You can now link plug-ins as well as adjusters to counters.

v4.0 (04.09.18) - UI changes; bug fixes; now can load plug-ins.

  • The UI is updated to look cleaner and as "one unit".
  • Bugs related to deleting/creating counters/adjusters have been patched.
  • You can now create your own plug-ins for StreamSAK. They appear as buttons under the adjusters, and selecting them will perform whatever action you have coded. I intend to create (free) plug-ins in the future that you can download and use if you want StreamSAK to have more functionality outside of just being a counter/text changer.

v3.1 (04.08.18) - Added space between CLEAR LOG, and the counter/adjuster options.

v3.0 (04.08.18) - UI overhaul; linking adjusters to counters moved to file instead of file naming convention; added increment/decrement options; added linking option directly in program.

  • Major UI overhaul fixes lots of bugs with large counter/adjuster names.
  • Linking adjusters to counters is no longer done with files (e.g. wins--sr.txt would link wins to sr). Now, it is done by the program automatically in the file.
  • You can now increment or decrement a counter. Clicking a counter name will just display its value.
  • You can now link an adjuster to a counter from within the program.

v2.2 (04.06.18) - Revised creation/deletion options; added self-check updater; adjusted counter naming convention to show if it calls an adjuster.

  • Deleting counters and adjusters isn't quite as picky. You used to have to type the exact name of the counter/adjuster, which you may not have realized since it could have been hidden (e.g. the counter "wins--sr" would display as "wins"). Now, the program automatically finds the best match to delete (e.g. "wins--sr" would be deleted if you just typed "wins").
  • If counters automatically called an adjuster after use, you had no indication. Now, if it calls an adjuster, it is displayed in its name (e.g the counter "wins--sr" would be displayed as "wins [+1]--sr").
  • If StreamSAK is out of date, it will let you know with an option to update it.
  • Automatic Adjuster Calls (the thing that will automatically allow you to modify your adjuster after you click a counter) was shortened to AAC, and changed into a toggle button rather than a checkbox.
  • Supporting the developer (me) has been moved from the title to directly above the log, and isn't as "in your face". Now it just says "Support the dev", instead of a direct link to my Twitch channel.
  • When to provide input is more obvious (textbox changes color, and cursor always flashes).
  • Minor GUI "bug" fixes.

v2.1 (04.06.18) - Added creation/deletion options of counters/adjusters.

  • You can now create and delete counters and adjusters directly from the program.

v2.0 (04.05.18) - Original release.

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