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A collection of small apps for testing input devices
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A collection of small apps for testing input devices

Game Pad Tester

Test Application that shows you the stick and button layout of attached controllers, as ShiVa sees them. Test your controllers, button layouts and thumbsticks. This Tool comes with support for

  • XBox 360 controllers,
  • PS3 controllers,
  • Wiimote controllers and
  • Standard/Generic controllers, with up to
  • 2 controllers at the same time.

Racing Wheel Tester

Test application that shows you the wheel, pedal and button layout of racing wheel controllers, as ShiVa sees them. It was written with the Logitech Driving Force GT in mind, but should be flexible enough to map most other controllers onto the framework.

Wheel and Pedals are seen as X/Y axis with adjustable acceleration. If you need triggers instead (e.g. for the XBox 360 controller), please check out our Game Pad Tester.

Update 0.2 includes a profile switcher for HID-compatible devices and Logitech multi axis wheels. Update 0.3 fixes HID response and allows for full 900 degree wheels.

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