How do I mine?

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Mining XSH

Note: the five PoW algos available to mine for SHIELD are scrypt, x17, lyra2v2, myriad-groestl and blake2s

a) Choose your hardware


NVIDIA GPUs support all the SHIELD algos.

For all algos except scrypt, Alexis78's ccminer fork is highly recommended: (Windows)

For scrypt, Tpruvot's fork is recommended, though it'll be competing with ASICs that can hash hundreds of times faster so mining scrypt is not ideal: (Windows) (choose the latest x86 build)


Using the default sgminer, you might not be able to mine all the SHIELD algos.

Available algos are: scrypt, lyra2rev2, myriadcoin-groestl (untested). Downloadable from:

If you want to mine the lyra2v2 algo specifically, mkxminer is a great asm-optimised lyra2v2 miner you can use:

CPU (not recommended)

Using the following program you can mine all algos, though it'll be competing with ASICs and/or GPUs that can hash many hundreds or thousands of times faster than a CPU, so CPU mining is strongly discouraged.

You can use this miner to mine on all algos:

b) Setting up your .bat file for pool mining

  1. Create a file with a .bat extension in the same directory as the .exe file from your selected mining software. Edit this file to create your mining configuration.

    NVIDIA (ccminer) .bat:

    ccminer -a <ALGO> -o stratum+tcp://<POOL>:<PORT> -u <WALLET_ADDRESS> -p c=XSH

    e.g. ccminer -a lyra2v2 -o stratum+tcp:// -u STKcaQS8MVBs1C457k89pCvverLvH58a1w -p c=XSH

    AMD (sgminer) .bat:

    sgminer -k <ALGO> -o stratum+tcp://<POOL>:<PORT> -u <WALLET_ADDRESS> -p c=XSH

    e.g. sgminer -k lyra2REv2 -o stratum+tcp:// -u STKcaQS8MVBs1C457k89pCvverLvH58a1w -p c=XSH

    CPU (cpuminer-multi) .bat:

    minerd -a <ALGO> -o stratum+tcp://<POOL>:<PORT> -u <WALLET_ADDRESS> -p c=XSH -t <NUMBER_OF_THREADS>

    e.g. minerd -a scrypt -o stratum+tcp:// -u STKcaQS8MVBs1C457k89pCvverLvH58a1w -p c=XSH -t 4

c) What to replace in the .bat file

You will need to replace <ALGO>, <POOL>, <PORT> and <WALLET_ADDRESS> before you use your .bat to start pool mining.


You may choose which <ALGO> to use, though you may be restricted to some (e.g. cpuminer-multi can only mine the scrypt algorithm).

With SHIELD, you can choose from the algos: scrypt, x17, lyra2v2, myriad-groestl, blake2s. These may have different name variations depending on the miner that you use (try using the --help flag with your miner, or entering the /kernel folder to find these names).

e.g. ccminer uses lyra2v2 and myr-gr, whereas sgminer uses lyra2REv2 and myriadcoin-groestl instead.

ii) POOL

You can use the following pools, though most only support a subset of the five algos. Please visit the pool homepage to see if your chosen algorithm is supported on that pool. (all algos available) - use for <POOL> (all algos available) - use for <POOL> (all algos available) - use for <POOL> (all algos available) - use for <POOL> (scrypt) - registration required (blake2s, x17) - use for <POOL> (myr-gr) - use for <POOL> (on hold) (on hold)

iii) PORT

The <PORT> you need to use is often algo-specific, and located on the pool homepage. It is usually situated next to the algo or coin name in a large table of algos, coins, symbols etc.

e.g. has x17 on the table on the right-hand side, with port 3737.


The <WALLET_ADDRESS> you want to collect your mining rewards in needs to be generated, and looks like STKcaQS8MVBs1C457k89pCvverLvH58a1w

The recommended wallet to use to generate one is the QT wallet, though you can use the web wallet (, the Electrum wallet, a paper wallet (, an exchange address (e.g. from or the Android wallet.

IMPORTANT: Some pools that support multiple XSH algos (such as and require a different wallet address for every algo. If you use the same wallet address on two different algos on the same pool, you will get a Stratum authentication failed error! As such, it's recommended you make a different .bat file for every algo (with different wallet addresses) to avoid this.

Happy mining! Example .bat configurations are in section b) above.