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Current Version: v3.2.2-1
(If you face .dll errors on startup, please try installing this)

There are three editions - the recommended version for Windows users is the "Setup" edition.
Please see here for the differences.

And to import an Android wallet seed into the Electrum wallet, please see here.


  electrum-xsh-win-portable-v322-1.exe: 2F039FFF38A7B88EB929BEBC78A94A6DCCE64D10C849AE89B90FFDEF1B7C49A8
     electrum-xsh-win-setup-v322-1.exe: 8BD13575ECD796D65349E5CF3FB574109BAD415B0DE8F5DC49231FC009F9AF43
electrum-xsh-win-standalone-v322-1.exe: F752AB033C514286CB6DB186729EB7A1197601176AE834A6CE47F2C67DBCDFD2