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Current Version: v3.2.2-3
(If you face .dll errors on startup, please try installing this)


  • Optimise catch-up sync speed
  • Verify all blocks without exception

There are three editions - the recommended version for Windows users is the "Setup" edition.
Please see here for the differences.

And to import an Android wallet seed into the Electrum wallet, please see here.


  electrum-xsh-win-portable-v322-3.exe: 9CC378E224801C0DC81580ED89D4C7983E09691BF5CA73F320F433B305365529
     electrum-xsh-win-setup-v322-3.exe: 5BEF32FA3E6FC6FB9DFDD28A181A7D034264CEBD15DAD8CAEDB807E906F2C286
electrum-xsh-win-standalone-v322-3.exe: 6E61D70A4E92EF131441248789DA851919581721A9A352EAF14D3CF7F1D4B939
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