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ShiftLeft Release Notes

ShiftLeft Release Notes are updated every month for all products: ShiftLeft Ocular, ShiftLeft Inspect and ShiftLeft Protect. The following Release Notes are currently available:

April 2019 Release Notes

  • Update to ShiftLeft's Terms of Service. The ShiftLeft Terms of Service have been updated for post-termination obligations (4d).

ShiftLeft Ocular

  • New Tutorial on Creating a Code Property Graph (CPG) from a Java Archive (JAR). The ShiftLeft Ocular documentation now includes a tutorial on creating a CPG from a JAR. ShiftLeft Ocular creates a CPG for only the application code, with references to the dependency code. This distinction is made through the use of a built-in Smart Jar Unpacker, which heuristically determines for each namespace whether it contains application or dependency code.

ShiftLeft Ocular v0.3.20

  • Overlay API. The Security Profile is now part of the CPG, as an overlay. This new feature unifies the Ocular Query Language (OQL) for the CPG and Security Profile and removes the need for using to create a Security Profile. This means that all Security Profile functionality is now part of the CPG.

  • Integrated CPG and SP Generation. CPG and Security Profile generation can now be performed from inside ShiftLeft Ocular, with both CPGs and their overlays managed in a workspace. This new feature allows you to effectively work with multiple CPGs at once. Refer to the API for additional information. Older APIs and functionality (e.g. loadCpg and loadSp) are now backwards compatible.

  • Workspaces. ShiftLeft Ocular now includes workspaces for easy management of CPGs and overlays. Refer to the API for additional information.

  • Load Multiple CPG Queries. You can now load more than one CPG in a given workspace and then combine queries. Refer to the API for additional information.

  • Deprecated sp Object. The functionality of the deprecated sp object has been transferred to cpg object.

  • Dependency List Outputs Complete Dependencies. The Dependency List has been fixed to now output complete dependencies.

  • Renamed newLocation Step. The newLocation step has been renamed to location.

  • .flows Behavior Shows Single Flow. .flows behavior has been fixed to show only a single flow, thereby resolving printing issues. Use .allFlows to show the complete flows list.

ShiftLeft Inspect and ShiftLeft Protect

  • Enhancements to ShiftLeft Inspect for .NET. The current version of ShiftLeft Inspect for .NET includes significant performance improvements in both processing time and memory consumption. In addition, numerous bug fixes have been made.

  • JSP Support Added for ShiftLeft Inspect. You can now use ShiftLeft Inspect to analyze your JSP pages for vulnerabilities and data leakage. Note that this support does not include JSP Expression Language.

  • Stability Improvements to ShiftLeft Protect. Stability improvements have been made in the ShiftLeft Protect for Java Microagent.

  • Automatic Updates for the ShiftLeft Command Line Interface (CLI). The ShiftLeft CLI now automatically updates so that you don't have to reinstall the CLI whenever there are new features or fixes. Refer to Using the CLI for more information.

March 2019 Release Notes

ShiftLeft Inspect and ShiftLeft Protect

  • Vulnerability Dashboard. The new Vulnerability Dashboard provides a singular view of application security quality metrics, including a list of vulnerabilities based on static/runtime analysis of applications. You can use these metrics to measure progress of your security improvement over time. See the associated article for more information.

  • Jira Integration. You can now integrate ShiftLeft with Jira to automatically generate Jira tickets for the vulnerabilities in your ShiftLeft Dashboard. Refer to the article Enabling Jira Integration for details.

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