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CleanBlogEnhanced jekyll template

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CleanBlogEnhanced is a ready-to-use template to help you create an awesome website quickly. Perfect for personal blogs or simple project websites.

Jekyll blog based on Clean Blog.

List of features :

  • Subfolder for blog, landing page different than blog
  • Comments using Disqus
  • Website stats using Google Analytics
  • Email subscription using FeedBurner
  • Travis build script to verify build and external links
  • Read Time Estimation for blog posts
  • Blog post tags
  • Tag specific pages
  • Jekyll collection for portfolio
  • Serverless search using javascript
  • Minimalistic Error 404 page
  • A solid guide on how to customize or remove individual features.


  • Fork the repo
  • Rename to
  • Modify the _config file
  • Replace all the posts and images with your data
  • In depth description of how to use this template is here

Questions, Bugs and Issues

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Copyright and License

Copyright ShikherVerma.
All rights reserved for the content data under _posts, _portfolio and _images, the rest of the code is released under the MIT license.