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Structured Fusion Networks

Structured Fusion Networks for Dialog

Code written by Shikib Mehri and Tejas Srinivasan.

Pretrained Models

The main models trained in the paper have been provided and can be used as follows:

Sequence-to-Sequence with Attention:

python3 --model_name models/attn --use_attn --test_only

Structured Fusion Networks:

python3 --model_name models/sfn --structured_fusion --test_only

Structured Fusion Networks with Reinforcement Learning:

python3 --model_name models/sfn_rl --structured_fusion --test_only


Structured Fusion Networks can be trained with the following command:

python3 --model_name 'models/sfn' --structured_fusion --use_cuda True --tune_params True

SFNs can be fine-tuned with RL as follows (you may need to edit the code a bit):

python3 --structured_fusion --model_name models/rl_sfn --lr 0.00001


Please feel free to send any questions/concerns to


The following paper should be cited if you use this code.

  title={Structured Fusion Networks for Dialog},
  author={Mehri, Shikib and Srinivasan, Tejas and Eskenazi, Maxine},
  journal={arXiv preprint arXiv:1907.10016},
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