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Changes in 0.7.3:
* Bugfix from Björn Buckwalter: any two negative values were aproxEqIEEE
Changes in 0.7.2:
* Fix aliasing warnings in C code
Changes in 0.7.1:
* Rename package from "ieee" to "ieee754"
Changes in 0.7:
* Add IEEE type class with instances for Double, Float, CDouble, and CFloat
* Add functions for getting/setting NaN payloads
* Add succIEEE/predIEEE for advancing up and down the IEEE number line
(ported from Tango's nextUp and nextDown)
* Add bisectIEEE for midpoints of two numbers on the IEEE number line
(ported from Tango's ieeeMean)
* Add identicalIEEE for exact (bitwise) equality of IEEE numbers
* Add copySign for setting the sign bit of an IEEE number
* Add sameSignificandBits for seeing how many significand bits of two
IEEE numbers agree, ported from Tango's feqrel
* Add nan, infinity, maxFinite, minNormal constants for IEEE numbers
* Add maxNum and minNum
* Rename maxF and minF to maxNaN and minNaN
* Switch to a simpler "~==" comparison for complex numbers
* Make "~==" comparison use sameSignificandBits for IEEE types
* Make "===" comparison use bitwise equality for IEEE types
* Remove old "eqRel" comparisons.
* Remove old epsilon' and delta constants
* Remove (RealFloat a) => AEq (Complex a) instance in favor of explicit
instances for Complex {Double,Float,CDouble,CFloat}
Changes in 0.6.1:
* Remove AEq instance for CLDouble (thanks to Bjorn Buckwalter)