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.PHONY: clean run reactive-banana reactive-banana-wx
.PHONY: GUITest BlackBoard
COMPILE=ghc --make -outputdir $(OBJ) -i$(OBJ) -L$(OBJ) -isrc
#GUITest : src/GUITest.hs src/GUI.hs
# $(COMPILE) -o $@ $<
# macosx-app $@
BlackBoard : reactive-banana reactive-banana-wx BlackBoard/src/*.hs
cd BlackBoard && $(COMPILE) -o BlackBoard src/BlackBoard.hs \
&& macosx-app BlackBoard
all: BlackBoard reactive-banana reactive-banana-wx
rm -rf $(APPS) obj/*.o obj/*.hi *.app *.exe *.manifest
run: BlackBoard
open BlackBoard/
cd reactive-banana && cabal build && cabal register --inplace
reactive-banana-wx: reactive-banana-wx/dist/build/Counter/Counter
reactive-banana-wx/dist/build/Counter/Counter: reactive-banana-wx/src/*.hs reactive-banana-wx/src/Reactive/*.hs
cd reactive-banana-wx && cabal build && cabal register --inplace
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