An Xcode plugin to open the current document or project in the finder, the terminal or your external editor or source control app of choice
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Open With Application.xcodeproj

File menu screenshot

About Open with Application

Open with… is a simple plugin for Xcode that makes it easy to open the current project or the focused file either in the Finder or the Terminal, or any other application of your choice. You can also assign custom keyboard shortcuts.

Holding down the Control key while entering the menu will allow you to choose the application used as the external editor.

Create Shortcut Screenshot


You can either install using the Alcatraz plugin manager or by building it yourself.

Building the project will install the plug-in in the '~/Library/Application Support/Developer/Shared/Xcode/Plug-ins' folder. Simply remove it and restart Xcode to uninstall the plugin.


Released under the MIT license:

Links against ShortcutRecorder which is under the BSD license