Mark 2 points and apply that points to other elisp like emacs quickrun.el
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Mark two points and provide these position to ather elisp. This programs' mark has no entity but visible. You can delete marks with DEL key. And when two marks exist, mark-area-at-point delete those marks.

20 seconds Youtube live coding


(require 'mark-area)
(setq mark-area-beginning-char "") ;; Beginning mark
(setq mark-area-end-char "")       ;; End mark
(global-set-key (kbd "M-M") 'mark-area-at-point) ;;[shift+meta+m]

For example

Apply mark-area.el to quickrun.el like below. Convey mark point with (mark-area-b) and (mark-area-e)

(require 'quickrun) ;;
(defun quickrun-mark-area-ad-hoc ()
   ;; C-u M-x quickrun-mark-area-ad-hoc with region
   ((and mark-active current-prefix-arg)
    (quickrun-replace-region (region-beginning) (region-end)))
   ;; M-x quickrun-mark-area-ad-hoc with region
    (quickrun :start (region-beginning) :end (region-end)))
   ;; M-x quickrun-mark-area-ad-hoc with specified area
   ((and (mark-area-b) (mark-area-e))
    (quickrun :start (mark-area-b)
              :end (mark-area-e)))
   (t (quickrun))))