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Zabbix script to check kafka's consumer lag
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This Zabbix script checks kafka's consumer lag and can discover all the consumer groups connected to a Kafka server.


Kafka, Zabbix' agent


  • Download the script on the kafka server
  • Create the following directory: /etc/zabbix/externalscripts
  • Move the script in this directory
  • Change the following variables in the script:
    • KAFKA_CG_PATH: Path to script
    • KAFKA_HOST: IP or DNS of kafka server
    • KAFKA_PORT: Kafka's port
    • CONFIG_FILE: path to consumer properties and jaas configuration file (consumer and jaas configuration need to be in the same file)
  • Create a userparameter file for the zabbix agent with theses following lines
#Discover all the consumer groups
UserParameter=kcg.discovery,/etc/zabbix/externalscripts/ -H <kafka ip or dns> -P <kafka port> -C <path to consumers properties file> -d
#Check lag for a specific consumer group
UserParameter=kcg.lag[*],/etc/zabbix/externalscripts/ -H <kafka ip or dns> -P <kafka port> -C <path to consumers properties> -l -G $1
  • Create a discovery rule in Zabbix:
key: kcg.discovery
  • Create a item prototype
key: kcg.lag[{#CONSUMER_GROUP}]


This zabbix script can discovery all consumer groups in a Kafka server and calculate the global lag for a specific consumer group
    -H (--host)      <host>  Hostname or IP address of Kafka server
    -P (--port)      <port>  Port of Kafka server
    -C (--config)    <config_file> Configuration parameters file (with jaas if needed)
    -G (--group)     <consumer_group> Name of the consumer group for lag
    -d (--discovery) List all the consumer group for zabbix discovery
    -l (--lag)       Calculate the global lag for a specific consumer group
    -v (--version)   Script version
    -h (--help)      Script usage
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