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WordPress Local Tools

This is a toolkit to make your WordPress life a lot easier, meant to be used on a local machine. Let's automate installing WordPress, creating remote backups, starting coding themes with gulp, all by one command.

日本語の readme はこちら


The scripts here requires the following tools.


WP Backup

This is useful when you create a backup of a project from your remote, and update all on your local machine.

Run in a working WordPress project directory, this script

  • creates a folder, ~/Dropbox/Backups/{pwd}/{time}/,
  • dumps local database backup in the foloder,
  • pulls WordPress core, themes, plugins, medias, and all the other files from your remote server ( it's a quick rsync ),
  • pulls the remote database and downloads/imports it into local database, and search remote domain name / replace to local domain name,
  • logs all the work this script does into log-{pwd}-{time}.txt file in the folder in the folder,
  • creates a report email body, which you can copy/paste/send to your client.

WP init

This will set up a whole new WordPress.

Run in a folder to create a new WordPress project, this script

  • downloads the newest WordPress software,
  • creates wp-config.php,
  • creates database,
  • set WP_DEBUG to true,
  • downloads Movefile for Wordmove, wp-cli.local.yml for wp-cli, and .gitignore for Git.

Theme init

Create a gulp environment for your theme development with this comment.

Run in a theme folder, this script

  • sets up a theme coding environment, which includes
    • sass
    • auto prefixer
    • browser sync
    • sass source map
  • serves the site locally
  • watch almost all the changes in your theme directory and reloads your browser

How to use

git clone this repository and make them executable in your machine.


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