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A disassembly of the game "Shining Force II" for documentation and fan-project purposes.
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A disassembly of the game "Shining Force II" for documentation and fan-project purposes, which can be assembled back into a bit-perfect replica of the original rom file.

The purpose of this project will be to provide a disassembly of Shining Force II with the following goals in mind :

  • Documenting as much content of the game as possible, to get a perfect understanding of how it works.
  • Being able to re-assemble the game and obtain the same rom file as the original game.
  • Giving fan-projects the ability to start from this disassembly by editing the game's code and assets.

Documentation : Providing documentation of the game will be done mainly in two ways :

  • Commenting the disassembly's ASM code, proper formatting and splitting of binary data.
  • A wiki is attached to the project for everything else : rom map, ram map, data indexes, data formats, algorithms ...

Re-assembly : By providing the original US rom file of the game, one will be able to use the provided tools in order to :

  • with split/split.bat, split the original rom file into a lot of small binary data files, to extract data chunks which are not included in the disassembly
  • with build/build.bat, assemble the game from its disassembly and the extracted data chunks The assembled game will be perfectly identical to the original one.

Starting point for fan projects : It should be possible to start from this disassembly to modify the game's data and mechanics.

  • The game data obtained with split.bat can be edited individually before being included in the game with build.bat.
  • The game's code can be edited in the disassembly. Beware : ASM 68k writing skills required !

Naming conventions :

  • Functions : DoSomethingLikeThis
  • Rom Data Locations : DataChunkLikeThat Disambiguation is made by the way they are accessed : functions are branched or jumped into while data is pointed to, moved, etc.
  • RAM locations : RAM_LOCATION_LIKE_THAT Once again, disambiguation is obvious since enums are used as immediate values while RAM locations are pointed to, moved, etc.

Disasm folder organization : The main goal is to clarify the game's data organization and creation process by reflecting them in the folder structure.

  • Most data is considered as assets and are gathered by type for a bottom-up approach : graphics, sound, scripting, etc., need to be created first in order to use them in maps, battles, cutscenes.
  • In an opposite top-down approach, battles and maps are organized in an "entry-oriented" way, to make each entry contain all that is specific to the entry. Editors can then edit assets individually, and point to them while editing battle or map entries.
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