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About the Timely Benchmark Project

This project includes a thesis on the implementation and surveying of various benchmarks applied to streaming processing systems like Timely. As part of this it includes a Rust framework for benchmarking and an implementation of three major streaming benchmarks.

Compiling the Thesis

All data required for the document generation should be included in this repository. You will need a recent installation of LuaTeX and Biber. An optional Makefile is included to automate the compilation procedure, so simply running make within this directory should generate a fresh pdf.

Running the Benchmarks

See the in the benchmarks/ directory for more information on how to run the benchmarks.

Compiling the Plotted Data

The thesis includes plots generated from raw latency measurements. These measurements need to be pre-processed in order to be available for the plots. See the in the data/ directory for more information on how to perform this pre-processing.


ETH Bsc. Thesis No. 197b, "Implementation of a Benchmark Suite for Strymon"



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