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This file is a part of cari3s
(c) 2018 Shirakumo (
Author: Nicolas Hafner <>
(in-package #:org.shirakumo.cari3s)
(defclass disk-usage (value-generator)
((device :initarg :device :accessor device))
:text "DISK ~4,1f%"
:markup '((0 4 :color #x0088EE))
:device "/"))
(cffi:defctype __fsword_t #+x86-64 :uint64 #+x86 :uint32)
(cffi:defctype fsblkcnt_t #+x86-64 :uint64 #+x86 :uint32)
(cffi:defctype fsfilcnt_t #+x86-64 :uint64 #+x86 :uint32)
(cffi:defctype socklen_t :uint)
(cffi:defcstruct file-system-id
(val :int :count 2))
(cffi:defcstruct file-system
(type __fsword_t)
(block-size __fsword_t)
(blocks fsblkcnt_t)
(free-blocks fsblkcnt_t)
(available-blocks fsblkcnt_t)
(file-nodes fsfilcnt_t)
(free-file-nodes fsfilcnt_t)
(id (:struct file-system-id))
(name-length __fsword_t)
(fragment-size __fsword_t)
(mount-flags __fsword_t)
(spare __fsword_t :count 5))
;; The man page does not say how many items there should be in the spare array. Cool!
(cffi:defcfun "statfs" :int
(path :string)
(buf :pointer))
(defmethod compute-value ((generator disk-usage))
(cffi:with-foreign-object (buffer '(:struct file-system))
(cond ((= 0 (statfs (device generator) buffer))
(cffi:with-foreign-slots ((blocks available-blocks) buffer (:struct file-system))
(float (* (/ (- blocks available-blocks) blocks) 100))))