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This file is a part of cari3s
(c) 2018 Shirakumo (
Author: Nicolas Hafner <>
(in-package #:org.shirakumo.cari3s)
(defgeneric to-table (object))
(defgeneric from-table (type table))
(defclass header ()
((version :initarg :version :accessor version)
(stop-signal :initarg :stop-signal :accessor stop-signal)
(continue-signal :initarg :continue-signal :accessor continue-signal)
(send-click-events-p :initarg :send-click-events-p :accessor send-click-events-p))
:version 1
:stop-signal 19
:continue-signal 18
:send-click-events-p NIL))
(defmethod to-table ((header header))
(let ((table (make-hash-table)))
(setf (gethash "version" table) (version header))
(setf (gethash "stop_signal" table) (stop-signal header))
(setf (gethash "cont_signal" table) (continue-signal header))
(setf (gethash "click_events" table) (send-click-events-p header))
(defclass block ()
((text :initarg :text :accessor text)
(short-text :initarg :short-text :accessor short-text)
(foreground :initarg :foreground :accessor foreground)
(background :initarg :background :accessor background)
(border :initarg :border :accessor border)
(min-width :initarg :min-width :accessor min-width)
(align :initarg :align :accessor align)
(name :initarg :name :accessor name)
(instance :initarg :instance :accessor instance)
(urgent-p :initarg :urgent-p :accessor urgent-p)
(separator :initarg :separator :accessor separator))
:text (error "TEXT required.")
:short-text NIL
:foreground NIL
:background NIL
:border NIL
:min-width NIL
:align :left
:name NIL
:instance NIL
:urgent-p NIL
:separator T))
(defmethod text-format ((block block)) :none)
(defmethod to-table ((block block))
(let ((table (make-hash-table)))
(macrolet ((maybe-output (name value &optional transform)
`(let ((%temp ,value))
(when %temp (setf (gethash ,name table) ,(if transform `(,transform %temp) '%temp))))))
(setf (gethash "full_text" table) (text block))
(maybe-output "short_text" (short-text block))
(maybe-output "color" (foreground block) format-color-string)
(maybe-output "background" (background block) format-color-string)
(maybe-output "border" (border block) format-color-string)
(maybe-output "min_width" (min-width block))
(unless (eql :left (align block))
(setf (gethash "align" table) (ecase (align block)
(:center "center")
(:right "right"))))
(maybe-output "name" (name block))
(maybe-output "instance" (instance block))
(maybe-output "urgent" (urgent-p block))
(if (separator block)
(when (numberp (separator block))
(setf (gethash "separator_block_width" table) (separator block)))
(setf (gethash "separator" table) 'yason:false))
(unless (eql :none (text-format block))
(setf (gethash "markup" table) (string-downcase (text-format block)))))
(defclass pango-block (block)
((markup :initarg :markup :accessor markup)
(short-markup :initarg :short-markup :accessor short-markup))
:markup ()
:short-markup ()))
(defmethod text-format ((block pango-block)) :pango)
(defmethod text ((block pango-block))
(pango-markup:markup-regions (call-next-method) (markup block)))
(defmethod short-text ((block pango-block))
(let ((text (call-next-method)))
(when text
(pango-markup:markup-regions text (short-markup block)))))