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A library for dealing with colours and colour spaces
Common Lisp
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## About Colored
This is a library for representing and mapping colours between their various spaces.

It currently does not support ICC colour space conversions and XYZ/LAB mappings. This is however planned for a future release. If there are other mappings missing that you need, please file an issue.

## How To
For the purposes of this tutorial we assume the package ``org.shirakumo.alloy.colored`` is nicknamed ``colored``.

Primarily, colours are constructed using ``color``. This accepts an RGBA quadruplet in floating point range [0,1]. You can also create denormalised colours for HDR purposes, though many conversion functions will expect normalised colours.

You can also de/serialise colours from direct integer format using the ``rgb`` and ``to-rgb`` family of functions. These functions assume 8 bits per channel formats. If you need different arrangements or channel depths, you can use the generic ``decode-color`` and ``encode-color`` macros.

Colours are immutable. As such they can and will be cached wherever possible. Nevertheless, it is not guaranteed that two colours with the same channel values will be ``eq``. To compare colours, use ``color=`` and ``color-equal``.

::common lisp
(colored:color= (colored:color 1 0 0) (colored:bgr #x0000FF)) ; => T

There are a variety of functions to convert between colour spaces. Please see the symbol index to find what's available.

## Constants
Colored offers a database of standard colours with their associated colour values. You can find these in the ``org.shirakumo.alloy.colored.colors`` package. You can also define new colours using ``define-color``.
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