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This file is a part of Definitions
(c) 2018 Shirakumo (
Author: Nicolas Hafner <>
(in-package #:org.shirakumo.definitions)
(defgeneric find-definitions (designator &key package type))
(defclass definition ()
(defmethod print-object ((definition definition) stream)
(print-unreadable-object (definition stream :type T)
(prin1 (designator definition) stream)))
(defgeneric designator (definition))
(defgeneric object (definition))
(defgeneric symbol (definition))
(defgeneric name (definition))
(defgeneric package (definition))
(defgeneric type (definition))
(defgeneric visibility (definition))
(defgeneric documentation (definition))
(defgeneric source-location (definition))
;; FIXME: We need other "object" or "identifier" lookups
;; to accommodate wrapper definitions whose source
;; locations might be pointed to by another object.
(defclass callable (definition)
(defgeneric arguments (callable))
(defmethod arguments ((callable callable))
(values NIL :unknown))
(defclass global-definition (definition)
((designator :initarg :designator :reader designator)
(package :initarg :package :reader package))
(:default-initargs :designator (error "DESIGNATOR required.")))
(defmethod initialize-instance :after ((definition global-definition) &key package)
(unless package
(setf (slot-value definition 'package) (symbol-package (symbol definition)))))
(defmethod object ((definition global-definition))
(values NIL :unknown))
(defmethod symbol ((definition global-definition))
(let ((designator (designator definition)))
(cond ((not (listp designator))
((eql 'setf (first designator))
(second designator))
(first designator)))))
(defmethod name ((definition global-definition))
(symbol-name (symbol definition)))
(defmethod visibility ((definition global-definition))
(nth-value 1 (find-symbol (name definition) (package definition))))
(defmethod documentation ((definition global-definition))
(values NIL :unknown))
(defmethod source-location ((definition global-definition))
(values NIL :unknown))
(defvar *definition-resolvers* (make-hash-table :test 'eql))
(defun definition-resolver (name &optional (errorp T))
(or (gethash name *definition-resolvers*)
(when errorp (error "No resolver function named ~s." name))))
(defun (setf definition-resolver) (function name)
(setf (gethash name *definition-resolvers*) function))
(defun remove-definition-resolver (name)
(remhash name *definition-resolvers*))
(defmacro define-definition-resolver (name args &body body)
`(progn (setf (definition-resolver ',name)
(lambda ,args ,@body))
(defmethod find-definitions (designator &key package (type T))
(loop for resolver being the hash-values of *definition-resolvers*
for definitions = (funcall resolver designator package)
nconc (delete-if-not (lambda (def) (typep def type)) definitions)))
;; FIXME: Generify the expansion of symbols to designators.
(defmethod find-definitions ((search cl:package) &key (package NIL local-p) (type T))
(let ((symbol-cache (make-hash-table :test 'eq)))
(loop for symbol being the symbols of search
append (unless (gethash symbol symbol-cache)
(setf (gethash symbol symbol-cache) T)
(append (find-definitions symbol :package (if local-p package search) :type type)
(find-definitions `(setf ,symbol) :package (if local-p package search) :type type))))))
(defmethod find-definitions ((string string) &key (package NIL local-p) (type T))
(let ((search (or (find-package string)
(error "No package named ~s available." string))))
(find-definitions search :package (if local-p package search) :type type)))
(defun apropos-definitions (string &key (type T))
(loop for package in (list-all-packages)
append (loop for symbol being the symbols of package
when (search string (symbol-name symbol) :test #'char-equal)
append (append (find-definitions symbol :package package :type type)
(find-definitions `(setf ,symbol) :package package :type type)))))
(defmacro define-simple-definition-resolver (class lookup-function &body body)
(let ((package (gensym "PACKAGE")))
`(define-definition-resolver ,class (,class ,package)
(when (ignore-errors ,(if body
`(let ((,(first lookup-function) ,class))
`(,lookup-function ,class)))
(list (make-instance ',class :designator ,class :package ,package))))))
(defmacro define-simple-object-lookup (class lookup-function &body body)
`(defmethod object ((,class ,class))
,(if body
`(let ((,(first lookup-function) ,class))
`(,lookup-function (designator ,class)))))
(defmacro define-simple-documentation-lookup (class documentation-type)
`(defmethod documentation ((,class ,class))
,(if (eql documentation-type T)
`(cl:documentation (object ,class) 'T)
`(cl:documentation (designator ,class) ',documentation-type))))
(defmacro define-simple-type-map (class type)
`(defmethod type ((,class ,class))