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This file is a part of iclendar
(c) 2018 Shirakumo (
Author: Nicolas Hafner <>
(in-package #:org.shirakumo.iclendar)
(defclass component-container ()
((components :initform NIL :initarg :components :accessor components)))
(define-component (calendar "VCALENDAR") (component-container)
((product :constraint :required :property product)
(scale :property scale)
(transport-method :property transport-method)
(version :constraint :required :property version))
(:default-initargs :version "2.0"))
(define-print-object calendar T "~a ~a"
version product)
(define-component calendar-component ()
((attendees :constraint :multiple :property attendee)
(comments :constraint :multiple :property comment)
(request-status :constraint :multiple :property request-status)
(stamp :constraint :required :property stamp)
(start :constraint :required :property start)
(uid :constraint :required :property uid)
(url :property url))
:stamp (iclendar:make-date-time)
:uid (make-uid)))
(define-print-object calendar-component NIL "~a ~a"
uid start)
(define-component date-component (calendar-component)
((attachments :constraint :multiple :property attachment)
(categories :constraint :multiple :property category)
(classification :property classification)
(contacts :constraint :multiple :property contact)
(created :property created)
(exception-dates :constraint :multiple :property exception-date)
(last-modification :property last-modification)
(organizer :property organizer)
(recurrence-id :property recurrence-id)
(recurrence-dates :constraint :multiple :property recurrence-date)
(recurrence-rule :property recurrence-rule)
(related :property related)
(resources :constraint :multiple :property resource)
(sequence-number :property sequence-number)
(status :property status)
(summary :property summary)))
(define-component task-component (date-component)
((description :property description)
(duration :property duration)
(geographic-location :property geographic-location)
(location :property location)
(priority :property priority)))
(define-component (event "VEVENT") (task-component)
((transparency :property transparency)
(end :constraint (not duration) :property end)
(duration :constraint (not end))))
(define-print-object event NIL "~a ~a~@[ - ~a~]~@[ ~a~]"
uid start end duration)
(define-component (todo "VTODO") (task-component)
((completed :property completed)
(completeness :property completeness)
(due :constraint (not duration) :property due)
(duration :constraint (not due))))
(define-print-object todo NIL "~a ~a~@[ - ~a~]~@[ ~a~]~[ ~2d%~]~@[ DONE~]"
uid start end duration completed completeness)
(define-component (journal "VJOURNAL") (date-component)
(define-component (free/busy "VFREEBUSY") (calendar-component)
((end :property end)
(periods :constraint :multiple :property free/busy-period)
(organizer :property organizer)
(contact :property contact)))
(define-component (time-zone "VTIMEZONE") (component-container)
((uid :constraint :required :property tzid)
(last-modification :property last-modification)
(url :property tzurl)))
(define-print-object time-zone NIL "~a ~a"
uid url)
(define-component (alarm "VALARM") ()
((action :constraint :required :property action)
(trigger :constraint :required :property trigger)
(duration :constraint (and repeat) :property duration)
(repeat :constraint (and duration) :property repeat)))
(define-print-object alarm NIL "~a ~a~@[ x~d~]~@[ - ~a~]"
action trigger repeat duration)
(define-component audio-alarm (alarm)
((attachment :constraint :optional :property attachment)))
(define-component display-alarm (alarm)
((description :constraint :required :property description)))
(define-component email-alarm (alarm)
((attachments :constraint :multiple :property attachment)
(attendee :property attendee)
(description :constraint :required :property description)
(summary :constraint :required :property summary)))
(define-component time-zone-component ()
((comments :constraint :multiple :property comment)
(start :constraint :required :property start)
(recurrence-dates :constraint :multiple :property recurrence-date)
(recurrence-rule :property recurrence-rule)
(offset-to :constraint :required :property offset-to)
(offset-from :constraint :required :property offset-from)
(tz-names :constraint :multiple :property tzname)))
(define-print-object time-zone-component NIL "~a ~a => ~a"
start offset-from offset-to)
(define-component (time-zone-standard "STANDARD") (time-zone-component)
(define-component (time-zone-daylight "DAYLIGHT") (time-zone-component)
(define-component x-component ()
((identifier :initarg :identifier :accessor identifier)))