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(in-package #:org.shirakumo.fraf.kandria)
(defvar *gi-info* (make-hash-table :test 'eq))
(defmethod gi ((name symbol))
(or (gethash name *gi-info*)
(error "No GI with name ~s found." name)))
(defmethod (setf gi) (value (name symbol))
(when *context*
(update-lighting (unit 'lighting-pass T)))
(if value
(setf (gethash name *gi-info*) value)
(remhash name *gi-info*))
(defun list-gis ()
(loop for v being the hash-values of *gi-info*
collect v))
(defmacro define-gi (name &body initargs)
(let ((existing (gensym "EXISTING")))
`(let ((,existing (ignore-errors (gi ',name))))
(setf (gi ',name) (trial::ensure-instance ,existing 'gi-info :name ',name ,@initargs)))))
(define-gl-struct gi
(activep :int :accessor active-p)
(location :vec2 :accessor location)
(light :vec3 :accessor light)
(ambient :vec3 :accessor ambient)
(attenuation :float :accessor attenuation))
(define-asset (kandria gi) uniform-block
(defclass gi-info ()
((name :initform NIL :initarg :name :accessor name)
(location :initform NIL :initarg :location :accessor location)
(light :initform NIL :initarg :light :accessor light)
(ambient :initform 1 :initarg :ambient :accessor ambient)
(attenuation :initform 0.0 :initarg :attenuation :accessor attenuation)))
(defmethod shared-initialize :after ((info gi-info) slots &key (light-multiplier 1.0) (ambient-multiplier 1.0))
(flet ((normalize-light (light mult)
(etypecase light
(null (vec 0 0 0))
(real (v* (vec light light light) mult))
(vec3 (v* light mult))
(cons (multiply-gradient (make-gradient light) mult))
(gradient (multiply-gradient light mult)))))
(setf (light info) (normalize-light (slot-value info 'light) light-multiplier))
(setf (ambient info) (normalize-light (slot-value info 'ambient) ambient-multiplier))))
(defmethod print-object ((info gi-info) stream)
(print-unreadable-object (info stream :type T)
(format stream "~s" (name info))))
(defmethod location ((info gi-info))
(let ((loc (slot-value info 'location)))
(flet ((time-position (hour)
(let ((tt (* (/ hour 24) 2 PI)))
(nv+ (vec2 (* -100000 (sin tt)) (* -100000 (cos tt)))
(location (unit :camera T))))))
(etypecase loc
(location loc))
(time-position loc))
((eql :sun)
(time-position (hour +world+)))
(location (unit loc T)))))))
(flet ((evaluate-light (light)
(etypecase light
(gradient-value (float (hour +world+) 0f0) light)))))
(defmethod light ((info gi-info))
(evaluate-light (slot-value info 'light)))
(defmethod ambient ((info gi-info))
(evaluate-light (slot-value info 'ambient))))
(define-shader-pass lighting-pass (scene-pass per-object-pass hdr-output-pass)
((gi-a :initform (make-instance 'gi-info) :accessor gi-a)
(gi-b :initform (make-instance 'gi-info) :accessor gi-b)
(mix :initform 1.0 :accessor mix)
(name :initform 'lighting-pass)))
(defmethod render :before ((pass lighting-pass) target)
(gl:clear-color 0 0 0 0))
(defun update-lighting (pass)
(let* ((b (gi-b pass))
(location (location b))
(light (light b))
(ambient (ambient b))
(attenuation (attenuation b))
(mix (mix pass)))
(when (< mix 1)
(let* ((a (gi-a pass))
(loc (location a)))
(setf light (vlerp (light a) light mix))
(setf ambient (vlerp (ambient a) ambient mix))
(setf attenuation (lerp (attenuation a) attenuation mix))
(when loc
(if location
(setf location (vlerp loc location mix))
(setf location loc)))))
(with-buffer-tx (gi (// 'kandria 'gi))
(setf (active-p gi) (if location 1 0))
(setf (location gi) (or location (vec 0 0)))
(setf (light gi) light)
(setf (ambient gi) ambient)
(setf (attenuation gi) attenuation))))
(defmethod (setf lighting) ((value gi-info) (pass lighting-pass))
(unless (eql (gi-b pass) value)
(setf (mix pass) (- 1.0 (min 1.0 (mix pass))))
(setf (gi-a pass) (gi-b pass))
(setf (gi-b pass) value)
(update-lighting pass))
(defmethod lighting ((pass lighting-pass))
(gi-b pass))
(defmethod force-lighting ((pass lighting-pass))
(setf (mix pass) 1.0)
(update-lighting pass))
(defmethod handle ((ev force-lighting) (pass lighting-pass))
(force-lighting pass))
(defmethod handle ((ev switch-chunk) (pass lighting-pass))
(setf (lighting pass) (gi (chunk ev))))
(defmethod handle ((ev tick) (pass lighting-pass))
(when (< (mix pass) 1)
(incf (mix pass) (dt ev)))
(update-lighting pass))
(define-shader-entity light (ephemeral vertex-entity sized-entity)
(defmethod object-renderable-p ((light light) (pass lighting-pass)) T)
(defmethod object-renderable-p ((light light) (pass render-pass)) NIL)
(defmethod object-renderable-p ((renderable renderable) (pass lighting-pass)) NIL)
(define-shader-pass rendering-pass (render-pass)
((lighting :port-type input :texspec (:internal-format :rgba16f))
(local-shade :initform 0.15 :accessor local-shade)
(shadow-map :port-type input)
(exposure :initform 0.5 :accessor exposure)
(gamma :initform 2.2 :accessor gamma)
(name :initform 'render)
#++(color :port-type output :attachment :color-attachment0
:texspec (:width 640 :height 416))
#++(depth :port-type output :attachment :depth-stencil-attachment
:texspec (:width 640 :height 416))))
;; FIXME: lighting in the scene currently influences lighting when the
;; editor is active. when editor is opened we should force the
;; lighting to a specific one that's neutral in the editor.
;; changing the active status should then switch out the chunk's
;; specific one again.
(defmethod object-renderable-p ((controller controller) (pass rendering-pass)) NIL)
(defmethod prepare-pass-program :after ((pass rendering-pass) (program shader-program))
(setf (uniform program "exposure") (exposure pass))
(setf (uniform program "gamma") (gamma pass)))
(defun light-intensity (gi shade)
(let ((color (vlerp (v+ (ambient gi) (light gi)) (ambient gi) (clamp 0 shade 1))))
(clamp 0 (* (expt (vlength color) 1/3) 1.5) 2.75)))
(defmethod render :before ((pass rendering-pass) target)
(let ((gi (struct (// 'kandria 'gi))))
(if (= 1 (active-p gi))
(let* ((shade (local-shade (flow:other-node pass (first (flow:connections (flow:port pass 'shadow-map))))))
(current (local-shade pass)))
(let ((intensity (light-intensity gi current)))
(setf (exposure pass) (clamp 0.5 (- 3.5 intensity) 10.0)
(gamma pass) (clamp 0.5 (- 3.75 intensity) 3.0)))
(setf (local-shade pass) (cond ((< (abs (- current shade)) 0.05)
((< current shade)
(+ current 0.02))
(- current 0.02)))))
(setf (exposure pass) 0.5
(gamma pass) 2.2))))
(define-class-shader (rendering-pass :fragment-shader -100)
"out vec4 color;
uniform float gamma = 2.2;
uniform float exposure = 0.5;
void main(){
vec3 mapped = vec3(1.0) - exp((-color.rgb) * exposure);
color.rgb = pow(mapped, vec3(1.0 / gamma));
(define-shader-entity lit-entity (renderable)
(:buffers (kandria gi)))
;; FIXME: We might want the incidence computation to smoothen when
;; facing away from the light source to avoid extremely hard
;; shadows appearing on cylindrical shapes.
;; FIXME: If light is on player layers in front of the player
;; get lit even when the player is behind them, which is not
;; correct. No idea how to fix that, though.
(define-class-shader (lit-entity :fragment-shader 100)
(gl-source (asset 'kandria 'gi))
"uniform sampler2D lighting;
uniform sampler2D shadow_map;
#define PI 3.1415926538
vec4 apply_lighting(vec4 color, vec2 offset, float absorption, vec2 normal, vec2 world_pos){
vec3 truecolor = pow(color.rgb, vec3(2.2));
ivec2 pos = ivec2(gl_FragCoord.xy-vec2(0.5)+offset);
vec4 light = texelFetch(lighting, pos, 0);
absorption = pow(absorption, 1.0/2.2);
truecolor *= gi.ambient;
truecolor += light.rgb*max(0, light.a-absorption)*color.rgb;
if(gi.activep != 0){
float incidence = 1.0;
vec2 dir = gi.location - world_pos;
float dirl = (length(dir)-10)/10;
if(normal.x != 0 && normal.y != 0)
incidence = clamp(dot(normalize(dir), normal), 0, 1);
float attenuation = 1.0/max(1.0, pow(dirl, gi.attenuation));
float shade = clamp(2-3*texelFetch(shadow_map, pos, 0).r, 0, 1);
incidence = mix(1.0, incidence, clamp((dirl-1)/3, 0, 1));
truecolor += gi.light*clamp(shade*(1-absorption)*incidence*attenuation, 0, 1)*color.rgb;
//truecolor = vec3(incidence, incidence, incidence);
//truecolor = vec3(normal, 0);
return vec4(truecolor, color.a);
(define-shader-entity lit-vertex-entity (lit-entity vertex-entity)
(define-class-shader (lit-vertex-entity :vertex-shader)
"layout (location = 0) in vec3 position;
uniform mat4 model_matrix;
out vec2 world_pos;
void main(){
world_pos = (model_matrix*vec4(position, 1)).xy;
(define-class-shader (lit-vertex-entity :fragment-shader -10)
"out vec4 color;
in vec2 world_pos;
void main(){
color = apply_lighting(color, vec2(0, -5), 0, vec2(0), world_pos);
(define-shader-entity lit-sprite (lit-vertex-entity sprite-entity)
(define-shader-entity lit-animated-sprite (lit-vertex-entity trial:animated-sprite facing-entity sized-entity)
(defmethod apply-transforms progn ((subject animated-sprite))
(translate-by 0 (- (vy (bsize subject))) 0))
(define-shader-entity basic-light (light colored-entity)
((color :initarg :color :initform (vec4 0.3 0.25 0.1 1.0)
:type vec4 :documentation "The color of the light")))
(defmethod initialize-instance :after ((light basic-light) &key data)
(unless (slot-boundp light 'vertex-array)
(let* ((data (make-array (length data) :adjustable T :fill-pointer T :element-type 'single-float
:initial-contents data))
(vbo (make-instance 'vertex-buffer :data-usage :dynamic-draw :buffer-data data))
(vao (make-instance 'vertex-array :vertex-form :triangle-fan
:bindings `((,vbo :size 2 :offset 0 :stride 8))
:size (/ (length data) 2))))
(setf (vertex-array light) vao))))
(defmethod initargs append ((light basic-light))
'(:color :vertex-array))
(defmethod update-bounding-box ((light basic-light))
(let* ((data (buffer-data (caar (bindings (vertex-array light)))))
(loc (location light))
(x+ (vx loc)) (x- (vx loc))
(y+ (vy loc)) (y- (vy loc)))
;; Determine bounds
(loop for i from 0 below (length data) by 2
for x = (+ (vx loc) (aref data (+ i 0)))
for y = (+ (vy loc) (aref data (+ i 1)))
do (when (or (null x+) (< x+ x)) (setf x+ x))
(when (or (null x-) (< x x-)) (setf x- x))
(when (or (null y+) (< y+ y)) (setf y+ y))
(when (or (null y-) (< y y-)) (setf y- y)))
;; Update coordinates
(vsetf (bsize light) (/ (- x+ x-) 2) (/ (- y+ y-) 2))
(let ((newloc (vec (+ x- (vx (bsize light)))
(+ y- (vy (bsize light))))))
(loop for i from 0 below (length data) by 2
do (incf (aref data (+ i 0)) (- (vx loc) (vx newloc)))
(incf (aref data (+ i 1)) (- (vy loc) (vy newloc))))
(setf (location light) newloc))))
(defmethod add-vertex ((light basic-light) &key location)
(let* ((vao (vertex-array light))
(vbo (caar (bindings vao)))
(data (buffer-data vbo))
(loc (v- (vfloor location) (location light))))
(loop for i from 0 below (length data) by 2
do (when (and (= (vx loc) (aref data (+ i 0)))
(= (vy loc) (aref data (+ i 1))))
(array-utils:array-shift data :n -2 :from (+ 2 i))
finally (vector-push-extend (vx loc) data)
(vector-push-extend (vy loc) data))
(update-bounding-box light)
(resize-buffer vbo (* (length data) 4) :data data)
(setf (size vao) (if (<= 6 (length data))
(/ (length data) 2)
(defmethod clear ((light basic-light))
(let* ((vao (vertex-array light))
(vbo (caar (bindings vao)))
(data (buffer-data vbo)))
(setf (fill-pointer data) 0)
(update-bounding-box light)
(resize-buffer vbo (* (length data) 4) :data data)
(setf (size vao) (if (<= 6 (length data))
(/ (length data) 2)
(define-shader-entity per-vertex-light (light vertex-colored-entity)
(define-shader-entity textured-light (light sprite-entity resizable)
((multiplier :initform 1.0f0 :initarg :multiplier :accessor multiplier
:type single-float :documentation "Light intensity multiplier")
(texture :initform (locally (declare (notinline asset))
(resource (asset 'kandria 'lights) T)))))
(defmethod initargs append ((light textured-light))
(defmethod render :before ((light textured-light) (program shader-program))
(setf (uniform program "multiplier") (multiplier light)))
(defmethod resize ((sprite sprite-entity) width height)
(vsetf (bsize sprite) (/ width 2) (/ height 2)))
(define-class-shader (textured-light :fragment-shader)
"uniform float multiplier = 1.0;
out vec4 color;
void main(){
color *= multiplier;