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(in-package #:org.shirakumo.fraf.kandria)
(defclass packet ()
((storage :initarg :storage :reader storage)
(offset :initarg :offset :initform NIL :accessor offset)))
(defgeneric entry-path (entry packet))
(defgeneric call-with-packet (function storage &key offset direction if-exists if-does-not-exist))
(defgeneric call-with-packet-entry (function entry packet &key element-type))
(defgeneric packet-entry (entry packet &key element-type))
(defgeneric (setf packet-entry) (data entry packet))
(defgeneric list-entries (offset packet))
(defgeneric merge-packet-into (target source))
(defmacro with-packet ((packet storage &rest args) &body body)
(let ((thunk (gensym "THUNK")))
`(flet ((,thunk (,packet)
(call-with-packet #',thunk ,storage ,@args))))
(defmacro with-packet-entry ((stream entry packet &rest args) &body body)
(let ((thunk (gensym "THUNK")))
`(flet ((,thunk (,stream)
(call-with-packet-entry #',thunk ,entry ,packet ,@args))))
(defmethod call-with-packet (function (pathname pathname) &key offset direction (if-exists :error) (if-does-not-exist :create))
(let ((direction (or direction :input)))
(ecase direction
(ecase (if (probe-file pathname)
(:error (error 'file-error :pathname pathname))
((NIL) (funcall function NIL))
(cond ((equal "zip" (pathname-type pathname))
(zip:with-zipfile (zip pathname)
(funcall function (make-instance 'zip-read-packet
:storage zip
:offset offset))))
((pathname-utils:directory-p pathname)
(funcall function (make-instance 'dir-packet
:direction :input
:storage pathname
:offset offset)))
(error "Don't know how to open ~s" pathname))))))
(ecase (if (probe-file pathname)
(:error (error 'file-error :pathname pathname))
((NIL) (funcall function NIL))
((:new-version :rename :rename-and-delete :overwrite :append :supersede)
(cond ((equal "zip" (pathname-type pathname))
(zip:with-output-to-zipfile (zip pathname :if-exists if-exists)
(funcall function (make-instance 'zip-write-packet
:storage zip
:offset offset))))
((pathname-utils:directory-p pathname)
(funcall function (make-instance 'dir-packet
:direction :output
:storage pathname
:offset offset)))
(error "Don't know how to write ~s" pathname)))))))))
(defmethod packet-entry (name (packet packet) &key element-type)
(with-packet-entry (stream name packet :element-type element-type)
(if (eql element-type 'character)
(alexandria:read-stream-content-into-string stream)
(let ((sequence (make-array (file-length stream) :element-type (stream-element-type stream))))
(loop for start = 0 then read
for read = (read-sequence sequence stream :start start)
while (< read (length sequence)))
(defmethod (setf packet-entry) ((data stream) name (packet packet))
(with-open-stream (data data)
(with-packet-entry (output name packet :element-type (stream-element-type data))
(loop with buffer = (make-array 4096 :element-type (stream-element-type data))
for end = (read-sequence buffer data)
until (= 0 end)
do (write-sequence buffer output :end end)))))
(defmethod (setf packet-entry) ((data vector) name (packet packet))
(with-packet-entry (stream name packet :element-type (array-element-type data))
(write-sequence data stream)))
(defmethod merge-packet-into ((target packet) (source packet))
(dolist (entry (list-entries source) target)
(setf (packet-entry entry target) (packet-entry entry source))))
(defclass zip-packet (packet)
(defmethod call-with-packet (function (packet zip-packet) &key offset direction if-exists if-does-not-exist)
(declare (ignore direction if-exists if-does-not-exist))
;; FIXME: what if offset is another type of packet, or the direction is different?
(funcall function (make-instance (class-of packet) :offset (format NIL "~@[~a/~]~a" (offset packet) offset)
:storage (storage packet))))
(defmethod entry-path (entry (packet zip-packet))
(format NIL "~@[~a/~]~a" (offset packet)
(etypecase entry
(pathname (namestring entry))
(string entry))))
(defmethod packet-entry (entry (packet zip-packet) &key element-type)
(let ((element-type (or element-type '(unsigned-byte 8)))
(file (zip:get-zipfile-entry (entry-path entry packet) (storage packet))))
(unless file (error "No such entry ~s" entry))
(let ((content (zip:zipfile-entry-contents file)))
(cond ((equal '(unsigned-byte 8) element-type)
((subtypep element-type 'character)
(babel:octets-to-string content :encoding :utf-8))
(T (error "Element-type ~s is unsupported." element-type))))))
(defmethod (setf packet-entry) ((data stream) entry (packet zip-packet))
(zip:write-zipentry (storage packet) (entry-path entry packet) data :file-write-date (get-universal-time)))
(defmethod (setf packet-entry) ((data vector) entry (packet zip-packet))
(setf (packet-entry entry packet) (make-instance 'fast-io:fast-input-stream :vector data)))
(defmethod (setf packet-entry) ((data string) entry (packet zip-packet))
(setf (packet-entry entry packet) (babel:string-to-octets data :encoding :utf-8)))
(defclass zip-write-packet (zip-packet)
(defmethod packet-entry-exists-p (name (packet zip-write-packet))
(loop for entry in (zip::zipwriter-head (storage packet))
thereis (and (typep entry 'zip::zipwriter-entry)
(string= name (zip::zipwriter-entry-name entry)))))
(defmethod call-with-packet-entry (function entry (packet zip-write-packet) &key element-type)
(let ((element-type (or element-type '(unsigned-byte 8))))
(storage packet) (entry-path entry packet)
(cond ((equal '(unsigned-byte 8) element-type)
(let ((stream (make-instance 'fast-io:fast-output-stream)))
(funcall function stream)
(make-instance 'fast-io:fast-input-stream :vector (fast-io:finish-output-stream stream))))
((subtypep element-type 'character)
(let ((string (with-output-to-string (stream NIL :element-type element-type)
(funcall function stream))))
(make-instance 'fast-io:fast-input-stream :vector (babel:string-to-octets string :encoding :utf-8))))
(T (error "Element-type ~s is unsupported." element-type)))
:file-write-date (get-universal-time))))
(defclass zip-read-packet (zip-packet)
(defmethod call-with-packet-entry (function entry (packet zip-read-packet) &key element-type)
(let ((element-type (or element-type '(unsigned-byte 8)))
(entry (zip:get-zipfile-entry (entry-path entry packet) (storage packet))))
(unless entry (error 'file-error :pathname entry))
(let ((contents (zip:zipfile-entry-contents entry)))
(cond ((equal '(unsigned-byte 8) element-type)
(funcall function (make-instance 'fast-io:fast-input-stream :vector contents)))
((subtypep element-type 'character)
(with-input-from-string (stream (babel:octets-to-string contents :encoding :utf-8))
(funcall function stream)))
(T (error "Element-type ~s is unsupported." element-type))))))
(defmethod list-entries (offset (packet zip-read-packet))
(loop with base = (offset packet)
for entry being the hash-values of (zip:zipfile-entries (storage packet))
for name = (zip:zipfile-entry-name entry)
when (and (< (length base) (length name))
(string= base name :end2 (length base)))
collect name))
(defmethod packet-entry-exists-p (entry (packet zip-read-packet))
(zip:get-zipfile-entry (entry-path entry packet) (storage packet)))
(defclass dir-packet (packet)
((direction :initarg :direction :reader direction)))
(defmethod print-object ((packet dir-packet) stream)
(print-unreadable-object (packet stream :type T)
(format stream "~s ~s" (entry-path "" packet) (direction packet))))
(defmethod call-with-packet (function (packet dir-packet) &key offset direction if-exists if-does-not-exist)
(declare (ignore if-exists if-does-not-exist))
;; FIXME: what if offset is another type of packet?
(funcall function (make-instance (class-of packet) :offset (format NIL "~@[~a/~]~a" (offset packet) offset)
:direction (or direction (direction packet))
:storage (storage packet))))
(defmethod entry-path (entry (packet dir-packet))
(merge-pathnames entry (if (offset packet)
(merge-pathnames (offset packet) (storage packet))
(storage packet))))
(defmethod packet-entry-exists-p (entry (packet dir-packet))
(probe-file (entry-path entry packet)))
(defmethod call-with-packet-entry (function entry (packet dir-packet) &key element-type)
(with-open-file (stream (ensure-directories-exist (entry-path entry packet))
:direction (direction packet)
:element-type (or element-type '(unsigned-byte 8))
:if-exists :supersede)
(funcall function stream)))
(defmethod list-entries (offset (packet dir-packet))
(let ((base (entry-path offset packet)))
(loop for path in (directory (merge-pathnames base pathname-utils:*wild-path*))
collect (enough-namestring path (storage packet)))))
;;; KLUDGE: fixup for missing method.
(defmethod fast-io::stream-read-byte ((stream fast-io::fast-input-stream))
(with-slots (fast-io::buffer) stream
(fast-io::fast-read-byte fast-io::buffer)))