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(in-package #:org.shirakumo.fraf.kandria)
(defclass v0 (version) ())
(define-decoder (vec2 v0) (data _p)
(destructuring-bind (x y) data
(vec2 x y)))
(define-encoder (vec2 v0) (_b _p)
(list (vx vec2)
(vy vec2)))
(define-decoder (vec3 v0) (data _p)
(destructuring-bind (x y z) data
(vec3 x y z)))
(define-encoder (vec3 v0) (_b _p)
(list (vx vec3)
(vy vec3)
(vz vec3)))
(define-decoder (vec4 v0) (data _p)
(destructuring-bind (x y z w) data
(vec4 x y z w)))
(define-encoder (vec4 v0) (_b _p)
(list (vx vec4)
(vy vec4)
(vz vec4)
(vw vec4)))
(define-decoder (asset v0) (data _p)
(destructuring-bind (pool name) data
(asset pool name)))
(define-encoder (asset v0) (_b _p)
(list (name (pool asset))
(name asset)))
(define-decoder (resource v0) (data _p)
(destructuring-bind (pool name &optional (id T)) data
(// pool name id)))
(define-encoder (resource v0) (_b _p)
(list (name (pool (generator resource)))
(name (generator resource))
(name resource)))
(defmethod decode-payload (_b (bindings (eql 'bindings)) _p (v0 v0))
(loop for binding in _b
for (var type val) = (enlist binding T)
collect (cons var
(if (eql type T)
(decode-payload val (type-prototype type) _p v0)))))
(defmethod encode-payload ((bindings (eql 'bindings)) _b _p (v0 v0))
(loop for (var . val) in _b
collect (list* var
(etypecase val
((or string symbol number) (list t val))
(list (type-of val) (encode-payload val _b _p v0)))))))