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(in-package #:org.shirakumo.fraf.leaf)
(define-shader-pass lighting-pass (per-object-pass hdr-output-pass)
(define-handler (lighting-pass trial:tick) (ev)
(let ((tt (/ (clock +world+) 300)))
(with-buffer-tx (light (asset 'leaf 'light-info))
(setf (sun-position light) (vec2 (* 10000 (sin tt)) (* 10000 (cos tt))))
(setf (sun-light light)
(v* (temperature-color (+ 2500 (* 10000 (max 0 (cos tt)))))
(if (< 0 (cos tt)) 1 (expt (+ 1 (cos tt)) 4))))
(setf (ambient-light light)
(v* (vec3 1 1 1) (/ (+ (cos tt) 1.2) 4))))))
(define-shader-entity light (vertex-entity sized-entity)
(defmethod register-object-for-pass ((pass lighting-pass) (entity shader-entity))
(when (typep entity 'light)
(defmethod paint-with ((pass lighting-pass) (entity shader-entity))
(when (typep entity 'light)
(defmethod paint :around ((entity shader-entity) (pass lighting-pass))
(when (typep entity 'light)
(define-shader-pass rendering-pass (render-pass)
((lighting :port-type input :texspec (:internal-format :rgba16f))
(shadow-map :port-type input)))
(defmethod register-object-for-pass ((pass rendering-pass) (light light)))
(defmethod paint-with ((pass rendering-pass) (light light)))
(define-class-shader (rendering-pass :fragment-shader -100)
"out vec4 color;
uniform float gamma = 2.2;
uniform float exposure = 1.0;
void main(){
vec3 mapped = vec3(1.0) - exp((-color.rgb) * exposure);
color.rgb = pow(mapped, vec3(1.0 / gamma));
(define-shader-entity lit-entity ()
(:buffers (leaf light-info)))
(define-class-shader (lit-entity :fragment-shader 100)
(gl-source (asset 'leaf 'light-info))
"uniform sampler2D lighting;
uniform sampler2D shadow_map;
vec4 apply_lighting(vec4 color, vec2 offset, float absorption){
ivec2 pos = ivec2(gl_FragCoord.xy-vec2(0.5)+offset);
float shade = (0.4 < texelFetch(shadow_map, pos, 0).r)? 0 : 1;
vec4 light = texelFetch(lighting, pos, 0);
vec3 truecolor = vec3(0);
truecolor += light_info.ambient_light*color.rgb;
truecolor += light_info.sun_light*max(0, shade-absorption)*color.rgb;
truecolor += light.rgb*max(0, light.a-absorption)*color.rgb;
return vec4(truecolor, color.a);
(define-shader-subject lit-animated-sprite (lit-entity animated-sprite-subject)
(define-class-shader (lit-animated-sprite :fragment-shader)
"out vec4 color;
void main(){
color = apply_lighting(color, vec2(0, -5), 0);
(define-shader-entity basic-light (light colored-entity)
((color :initform (vec4 0.3 0.25 0.1 1.0))))
(defmethod initialize-instance :after ((light basic-light) &key data)
(unless (slot-boundp light 'vertex-array)
(let* ((data (make-array (length data) :adjustable T :fill-pointer T :element-type 'single-float
:initial-contents data))
(vbo (make-instance 'vertex-buffer :data-usage :dynamic-draw :buffer-data data))
(vao (make-instance 'vertex-array :vertex-form :triangle-fan
:bindings `((,vbo :size 2 :offset 0 :stride 8))
:size (/ (length data) 2))))
(setf (vertex-array light) vao))))
(defmethod update-bounding-box ((light basic-light))
(let ((data (buffer-data (caar (bindings (vertex-array light)))))
(loc (location light))
x+ x- y+ y-)
;; Determine bounds
(loop for i from 0 below (length data) by 2
for x = (+ (vx loc) (aref data (+ i 0)))
for y = (+ (vy loc) (aref data (+ i 1)))
do (when (or (null x+) (< x+ x)) (setf x+ x))
(when (or (null x-) (< x x-)) (setf x- x))
(when (or (null y+) (< y+ y)) (setf y+ y))
(when (or (null y-) (< y y-)) (setf y- y)))
;; Update coordinates
(vsetf (bsize light) (/ (- x+ x-) 2) (/ (- y+ y-) 2))
(let ((newloc (vec (+ x- (vx (bsize light)))
(+ y- (vy (bsize light))))))
(loop for i from 0 below (length data) by 2
do (incf (aref data (+ i 0)) (- (vx loc) (vx newloc)))
(incf (aref data (+ i 1)) (- (vy loc) (vy newloc))))
(setf (location light) newloc))))
(defmethod add-vertex ((light basic-light) &key location)
(let* ((vao (vertex-array light))
(vbo (caar (bindings vao)))
(data (buffer-data vbo))
(loc (v- location (location light))))
(loop for i from 0 below (length data) by 2
do (when (and (= (vx loc) (aref data (+ i 0)))
(= (vy loc) (aref data (+ i 1))))
(array-utils:array-shift data :n -2 :from (+ 2 i))
finally (vector-push-extend (vx loc) data)
(vector-push-extend (vy loc) data))
(update-bounding-box light)
(resize-buffer vbo (* (length data) 4) :data data)
(setf (size vao) (if (<= 6 (length data))
(/ (length data) 2)
(define-shader-entity per-vertex-light (light vertex-colored-entity)
(define-shader-entity textured-light (light textured-entity)
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