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This file is a part of lQuery
(c) 2014 Shirakumo (
Author: Nicolas Hafner <>
(in-package #:org.shirakumo.lquery)
(define-lquery-macro function (nodes name)
"Macro to allow #'foo to be used in lquery chains."
`(,name ,nodes))
(define-lquery-macro eval (nodes form)
"Evaluates the form at compile-time and puts its resulting value in place."
`($ (inline ,nodes) ,(eval form)))
(define-lquery-macro inline (nodes form)
"Treats the form as if the evaluated value was put literally in place.
`(determine-value ,form ,nodes))
(define-lquery-macro combine (nodes &rest calls)
"COMBINES multiple lquery function calls into one by gathering them into a list for each element.
($ (combine (text) (attr :a))) would be equivalent to
($ (map #'(lambda (node) (list (lquery-funcs:text node) (lquery-funcs:attr node :a)))))
This construct is especially useful in combination with MAP-APPLY."
(let ((node (gensym "NODE")))
`(lquery-funcs:map ,nodes #'(lambda (,node) (list ,@(loop for call in calls
collect (determine-argument call node)))))))
(define-lquery-macro initialize (nodes &rest init-calls)
"See lquery function INITIALIZE.
This is merely a performance macro to avoid the unnecessary default allocation of a vector."
(declare (ignore nodes))
`(lquery-funcs:initialize NIL ,@init-calls))