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This file is a part of north
(c) 2015 Shirakumo (
Author: Nicolas Hafner <>
(in-package #:org.shirakumo.north)
(define-condition north-condition (condition)
((request :initarg :request :reader request))
(:default-initargs :request (error "REQUEST required.")))
(define-condition parameter-error (north-condition error)
(define-condition verification-error (north-condition error)
(define-condition client-error (north-condition error)
(define-condition parameters-missing (parameter-error)
((parameters :initarg :parameters :reader parameters))
(:default-initargs :parameters (error "PARAMETERS required."))
(:report (lambda (c s) (format s "The oauth parameters ~s are required but from the request."
(parameters c)))))
(define-condition bad-version (parameter-error)
(:report (lambda (c s) (format s "The version ~s is not supported, must be \"1.0\"."
(pget :oauth_version (oauth (request c)))))))
(define-condition verifier-taken (verification-error)
(:report (lambda (c s) (format s "The verifier for the request token ~s has already been generated."
(pget :oauth_token (oauth (request c)))))))
(define-condition nonce-reused (verification-error)
(:report (lambda (c s) (format s "The nonce ~s has already been used."
(pget :oauth_nonce (oauth (request c)))))))
(define-condition invalid-signature (verification-error)
(:report (lambda (c s) (format s "Unable to verify the signature of the request."))))
(define-condition invalid-verifier (verification-error)
(:report (lambda (c s) (format s "The verifier ~s is invalid for this request token."
(pget :oauth_verifier (oauth (request c)))))))
(define-condition invalid-token (verification-error)
(:report (lambda (c s) (format s "The token ~s is invalid."
(pget :oauth_token (oauth (request c)))))))
(define-condition invalid-application (verification-error)
(:report (lambda (c s) (format s "No application with key ~s."
(pget :oauth_consumer_key (oauth (request c)))))))
(define-condition request-failed (client-error)
((body :initarg :body :reader body)
(status-code :initarg :status-code :reader status-code)
(headers :initarg :headers :reader headers))
:body (error "BODY required.")
:status-code (error "STATUS-CODE required.")
:headers (error "HEADERS required."))
(:report (lambda (c s) (format s "~a Request to ~a failed with status code ~a."
(http-method (request c)) (url (request c)) (status-code c)))))
(define-condition callback-unconfirmed (client-error)
(:report (lambda (c s) (format s "Callback was not confirmed on token request."))))