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This file is a part of north
(c) 2015 Shirakumo (
Author: Nicolas Hafner <>
(in-package #:org.shirakumo.north)
(defgeneric make-signed (request consumer-secret &optional token-secret))
(defgeneric make-authorized (request))
(defgeneric verify (request consumer-secret &optional token-secret))
(defclass request ()
((http-method :initarg :http-method :accessor http-method)
(url :initarg :url :accessor url)
(parameters :initarg :parameters :accessor parameters)
(headers :initarg :headers :accessor headers)
(oauth :initarg :oauth :accessor oauth))
:http-method :GET
:url ""
:parameters ()
:headers ()
:oauth ()))
(defmethod initialize-instance :after ((request request) &key)
(macrolet ((default (key val)
`(or (pget ,key (oauth request))
(setf (pget ,key (oauth request)) ,val))))
(default :oauth_nonce (make-nonce))
(default :oauth_signature_method "HMAC-SHA1")
(default :oauth_timestamp (make-timestamp))
(default :oauth_version "1.0"))
(when (pget "Authorization" (headers request))
(setf (oauth request) (destructure-oauth-header (pget "Authorization" (headers request))))))
(defun make-request (url method &key params headers oauth)
(make-instance 'request :url url :http-method method :parameters params :headers headers :oauth oauth))
(defmethod make-signed ((request request) consumer-secret &optional token-secret)
(setf (oauth request) (remove-duplicates (remove NIL (oauth request) :key #'cdr)
:from-end T :key #'car :test #'string-equal))
(setf (pget :oauth_signature (oauth request))
(create-signature consumer-secret token-secret (http-method request)
(url request) (oauth request) (parameters request)))
(defmethod make-authorized ((request request))
(unless (pget :oauth_signature (oauth request))
(error "Request ~a must be signed first!" request))
(setf (pget "Authorization" (headers request))
(format NIL "OAuth ~a" (concat-params (oauth request) :quote T :delim ", ")))
(defmethod verify ((request request) consumer-secret &optional token-secret)
(let* ((oauths (destructure-oauth-header (pget "Authorization" (headers request))))
(old-sig (pget :oauth_signature oauths))
(new-sig (create-signature consumer-secret token-secret (http-method request)
(url request) (oauth request) (parameters request))))
(string= old-sig new-sig)))