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This file is a part of north
(c) 2015 Shirakumo (
Author: Nicolas Hafner <>
(in-package #:org.shirakumo.north)
(defvar *external-format* :utf-8)
(defun alist-key (thing)
(etypecase thing
(string thing)
(symbol (string-downcase thing))))
(defun pget (key alist)
(cdr (assoc key alist :test #'string-equal)))
(define-setf-expander pget (key alist)
(let ((cell (gensym "CELL"))
(alistv (gensym "ALIST"))
(value (gensym "VAL")))
(values (list alistv cell)
(list alist `(assoc ,key ,alistv :test #'string-equal))
(list value)
`(if ,cell
(setf (cdr ,cell) ,value)
(push (cons (alist-key ,key) ,value) ,alist))
`(pget ,key ,alistv))))
(defun remove-param (key alist)
(remove key alist :key #'car :test #'string-equal))
(defun url-encode (thing &optional (external-format *external-format*))
(with-output-to-string (out)
(loop for octet across (cryptos:to-octets thing external-format)
for char = (code-char octet)
do (cond ((or (char<= #\0 char #\9)
(char<= #\a char #\z)
(char<= #\A char #\Z)
(find char "-._~" :test #'char=))
(write-char char out))
(T (format out "%~2,'0x" (char-code char)))))))
(defun url-decode (string &optional (external-format *external-format*))
(let ((out (make-array (length string) :element-type '(unsigned-byte 8) :fill-pointer 0)))
(loop for i from 0 below (length string)
for char = (aref string i)
do (case char
(#\% (vector-push (parse-integer string :start (+ i 1) :end (+ i 3) :radix 16) out)
(incf i 2))
(#\+ (vector-push (char-code #\Space) out))
(T (vector-push (char-code char) out)))
finally (return (cryptos:to-string out external-format)))))
(defgeneric sign (method data consumer-secret &optional token-secret)
(:method (method data consumer-secret &optional token-secret)
(error "Unknown signing method ~s." method))
(:method ((method (eql :plaintext)) data consumer-secret &optional token-secret)
(format NIL "~a&~@[~a~]" consumer-secret token-secret))
(:method ((method (eql :hmac-sha1)) data consumer-secret &optional token-secret)
(cryptos:hmac data (sign :plaintext NIL consumer-secret token-secret) :digest :sha1))
(:method ((method (eql :cmac-aes)) data consumer-secret &optional token-secret)
(cryptos:cmac data (sign :plaintext NIL consumer-secret token-secret) :normalize-key :hash))
(:method ((method string) data consumer-secret &optional token-secret)
(sign (find-symbol (string-upcase method) :keyword) data consumer-secret token-secret)))
(defun make-nonce ()
(write-to-string (uuid:make-v4-uuid)))
(defun make-timestamp ()
(write-to-string (- (get-universal-time)
(encode-universal-time 0 0 0 1 1 1970 0))))
(defun param< (a b)
(destructuring-bind (akey . aval) a
(destructuring-bind (bkey . bval) b
(let ((akey (alist-key akey))
(bkey (alist-key bkey)))
(or (and (string= akey bkey)
(string< aval bval))
(string< akey bkey))))))
(defun sort-params (params)
(sort (copy-list params) #'param<))
(defun concat-params (params &key quote (delim "&"))
(with-output-to-string (out)
(loop for (pair . rest) on (sort-params params)
for (key . val) = pair
do (when (and key val)
(format out (format NIL "~~a=~:[~~a~;~~s~]~~@[~a~~*~~]" quote delim)
(url-encode (etypecase key
(string key)
(symbol (string-downcase key))))
(url-encode val) rest)))))
(defun url-parts (url)
(or (cl-ppcre:register-groups-bind (scheme host NIL port NIL path)
("^([a-zA-Z][a-zA-Z0-9+-.]+)://([a-zA-Z0-9-._:~%!$&'\\(\\)*+,;=]+?)(:([0-9]+))?(/+([^?#]*).*)?$" url)
(list scheme host port (or path "")))
(error "Invalid URL ~s" url)))
(defun normalize-url (url)
(destructuring-bind (scheme host port path) (url-parts url)
(format NIL "~(~a~)://~(~a~)~:[:~a~;~*~]/~a"
scheme host (or (not port)
(and (string= port "80") (string-equal scheme "HTTP"))
(and (string= port "443") (string-equal scheme "HTTPS"))) port path)))
(defun make-signature-base-string (method url params)
(format NIL "~:@(~a~)&~a&~a"
method (url-encode (normalize-url url)) (url-encode (concat-params params))))
(defun create-signature (consumer-secret token-secret method url oauth-params &optional params)
(let ((oauth-params (remove-param :oauth_signature oauth-params)))
(sign (pget :oauth_signature_method oauth-params)
(make-signature-base-string method url (append oauth-params params))
consumer-secret token-secret)))
(eval-when (:compile-toplevel :load-toplevel :execute)
(defvar *whitespace* '(#\Space #\Linefeed #\Return #\Tab)))
(defun start-p (start string)
(and (<= (length start) (length string))
(string= start string :end2 (length start))))
(defun destructure-oauth-header (header)
(unless (start-p "OAuth" header)
(error "Header malformed, couldn't find \"OAuth\" prefix."))
(when (< (length "OAuth .") (length header))
(loop with buffer = (make-string-output-stream)
with input = (make-string-input-stream header 6)
with values = ()
with key = NIL
with state = :expecting-key
for c = (read-char input NIL NIL) while c
do (labels ((write-to-buffer ()
(write-char c buffer))
(buffer-contents ()
(url-decode (get-output-stream-string buffer)))
(change-state (new-state)
(setf state new-state)
(case state
(:end-key (setf key (buffer-contents)))
(:end-val (push (cons key (buffer-contents))
(change-state-immediate (new-state)
(unread-char c input) (change-state new-state))
(parse-error ()
(error "Invalid character ~c in state ~s" c state)))
(case state
(case c
(#.*whitespace* NIL)
((#\, #\= #\") (parse-error))
(T (change-state-immediate :key))))
(case c
(#.*whitespace* (change-state :end-key))
((#\=) (change-state-immediate :end-key))
((#\, #\") (parse-error))
(T (write-to-buffer))))
(case c
(#.*whitespace* NIL)
((#\=) (change-state :expecting-val))
(T (parse-error))))
(case c
(#.*whitespace* NIL)
((#\") (change-state :val))
(T (parse-error))))
(case c
((#\") (change-state :end-val))
((#\, #\=) (parse-error))
(T (write-to-buffer))))
(case c
(#.*whitespace* NIL)
((#\,) (change-state :expecting-key))
(T (write-to-buffer))))))
finally (unless (eql state :end-val)
(error "Unexpected end in state ~s" state))
(return (nreverse values)))))
(defun oauth-response->alist (body)
(mapcar (lambda (assignment)
(let ((pair (cl-ppcre:split "=" assignment)))
(cons (url-decode (first pair))
(url-decode (second pair)))))
(cl-ppcre:split "&" body)))
(defun alist->oauth-response (alist)
(concat-params alist))