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This file is a part of pango-markup
(c) 2018 Shirakumo (
Author: Nicolas Hafner <>
(in-package #:org.shirakumo.pango-markup)
(defun enlist (list &rest items)
(if (listp list) list (list* list items)))
(defun null-if (nullable item)
(if (eql nullable item) NIL item))
(defun escape-char (char stream)
(case char
(#\< (write-string "&lt;" stream))
(#\> (write-string "&gt;" stream))
(#\& (write-string "&amp;" stream))
(#\' (write-string "&#39;" stream))
(T (write-char char stream))))
(defmethod format-escape (o thing &rest args)
(declare (ignore args))
(format-escape o (princ-to-string thing)))
(defmethod format-escape (o (symbol symbol) &rest args)
(declare (ignore args))
(format-escape o (string-downcase symbol)))
(defmethod format-escape (o (string string) &rest args)
(declare (ignore args))
(loop for char across string
do (escape-char char o)))
(defmethod format-color (o color &rest args)
(declare (ignore args))
(format-escape o color))
(defmethod format-color (o (color integer) &rest args)
(declare (ignore args))
(format o "#~6,'0x" color))
(defmethod format-color (o (color list) &rest args)
(declare (ignore args))
(apply #'format o "#~2,'0x~2,'0x~2,'0x~@[~2,'0x~]" color))
(defclass font ()
((family :initarg :family :accessor family :type (or null string))
(size :initarg :size :accessor size :type (or null real (member :xx-small :x-small :small :medium :large :x-larg :xx-large :smaller :larger)))
(style :initarg :style :accessor style :type (or null (member :normal :oblique :italic)))
(weight :initarg :weight :accessor weight :type (or null real (member :ultra-light :light :normal :bold :ultra-bold :heavy)))
(variant :initarg :variant :accessor variant :type (or null (member :normal :small-caps)))
(stretch :initarg :stretch :accessor stretch :type (or null (member :ultra-condensed :extra-condensed :condensed :semi-condensed :normal :semi-expanded :expanded :extra-expanded :ultra-expanded)))
(features :initarg :features :accessor features))
:family NIL
:size NIL
:style NIL
:weight NIL
:variant NIL
:stretch NIL
:features ()))
(defclass markup ()
((font :initform NIL :accessor font)
(foreground :initarg :foreground :initarg :color :accessor foreground)
(background :initarg :background :accessor background)
(underline :initarg :underline :accessor underline)
(rise :initarg :rise :accessor rise)
(strikethrough :initarg :strikethrough :initarg :strike :accessor strikethrough)
(fallback :initarg :fallback :accessor fallback)
(language :initarg :language :initarg :lang :accessor language)
(letter-spacing :initarg :letter-spacing :initarg :spacing :accessor letter-spacing)
(gravity :initarg :gravity :accessor gravity))
:font NIL
:foreground NIL
:background NIL
:underline NIL
:rise NIL
:strikethrough NIL
:fallback T
:language NIL
:letter-spacing NIL
:gravity NIL))
(defmethod shared-initialize :after ((markup markup) slots &key font)
(typecase font
(font (setf (font markup) font))
(cons (setf (font markup) (apply #'make-instance 'font font)))))
(defmethod tag ((markup markup))
(with-slots (font foreground background underline rise
strikethrough fallback language letter-spacing gravity)
(with-output-to-string (o)
(format o "<span")
(when font
(format o "~@[ font_family='~/pango-markup::format-escape/'~]" (family font))
(format o "~@[ font_size='~/pango-markup::format-escape/'~]"
(etypecase (size font)
(null NIL)
(real (round (* 1024 (size font))))
(keyword (size font))))
(format o "~@[ font_style='~a'~]"
(ecase (style font)
(:normal "normal")
(:oblique "oblique")
(:italic "italic")))
(format o "~@[ font_weight='~a'~]"
(ecase (weight font)
(:ultra-light "ultralight")
(:light "light")
(:normal "normal")
(:bold "bold")
(:ultra-bold "ultrabold")
(:heavy "heavy")))
(format o "~@[ font_variant='~a'~]"
(ecase (variant font)
(:normal "normal")
(:small-caps "smallcaps")))
(format o "~@[ font_stretch='~a'~]"
(ecase (stretch font)
(:ultra-condensed "ultracondensed")
(:extra-condensed "extracondensed")
(:condensed "condensed")
(:semi-condensed "semicondensed")
(:normal "normal")
(:semi-expanded "semiexpanded")
(:expanded "expanded")
(:extra-expanded "extraexpanded")
(:ultra-expanded "ultraexpanded")))
(format o "~@[ font_features='~{~/pango-markup::format-escape/~^, ~}'~]" (features font)))
(format o "~@[ color='~/pango-markup::format-color/'~]" foreground)
(format o "~@[ background='~/pango-markup::format-color/'~]" background)
(destructuring-bind (&optional mode color) (enlist underline)
(format o "~@[ underline='~a'~]"
(ecase mode
(:none "none")
((:single T) "single")
(:double "double")
(:low "low")
(:error "error")))
(format o "~@[ underline_color='~/pango-markup::format-color/'~]" color))
(format o "~@[ rise='~/pango-markup::format-escape/'~]" rise)
(destructuring-bind (&optional mode color) (enlist strikethrough)
(format o "~@[ strikethrough='~a'~]" (if mode "true" NIL))
(format o "~@[ strikethrough_color='~/pango-markup::format-color/'~]" color))
(format o "~@[ fallback='~a'~]" (if fallback NIL "false"))
(format o "~@[ lang='~/pango-markup::format-escape/'~]" language)
(format o "~@[ letter_spacing='~a'~]"
(etypecase letter-spacing
(null NIL)
(real (round (* 1024 letter-spacing)))))
(destructuring-bind (&optional gravity hint) (enlist gravity)
(format o "~@[ gravity='~a'~]"
(ecase gravity
(:south "south")
(:east "east")
(:north "north")
(:west "west")
(:auto "auto")))
(format o "~@[ gravity_hint='~/pango-markup::format-escape/'~]"
(ecase hint
(:natural "natural")
(:strong "strong")
(:line "line"))))
(format o ">"))))
(defmethod opening-tag ((spec cons))
(tag (apply #'make-instance 'markup spec)))
(defmethod closing-tag (markup)
(defun markup-regions (text regions)
(let ((additions (make-hash-table :test 'eql)))
(loop for (start end . markup) in regions
do (push (opening-tag markup) (gethash start additions))
(push (closing-tag markup) (gethash end additions)))
(with-output-to-string (o)
(loop for i from 0 below (length text)
for char = (aref text i)
do ;; The sort is necessary to ensure that closing tags come first.
(format o "~{~a~}" (sort (gethash i additions) #'string<))
(escape-char char o)
finally (format o "~{~a~}" (gethash (length text) additions))))))