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This file is a part of Qtools
(c) 2015 Shirakumo (
Author: Nicolas Hafner <>
(in-package #:cl-user)
(defpackage #:qt-libs
(:nicknames #:org.shirakumo.qtools.libs)
(:use #:cl #:qt-lib-generator #:pathname-utils)
(in-package #:org.shirakumo.qtools.libs)
(defvar *standalone-libs-dir* (asdf:system-relative-pathname :qt-libs "standalone" :type :directory))
(defun starts-with (a string)
(and (<= (length a) (length string))
(string= a string :end2 (length a))))
(defun normalize-library-name (name)
(when (starts-with "lib" name)
(setf name (subseq name (length "lib"))))
(when (starts-with "qtlibs!" name)
(setf name (subseq name (length "qtlibs!"))))
(defun installed-library-file (name &optional (defaults *standalone-libs-dir*))
#-(or windows unix) (error "Don't know how to create shared library files on your OS.")
(make-pathname :name #+unix (format NIL "qtlibs!~a" (normalize-library-name name))
#+windows (cond ((find name qt-lib-generator::*qt-module-list* :test #'string-equal)
(format NIL "~a4" name))
((string-equal name "qwt")
:type #+windows "dll" #+darwin "dylib" #+(and unix (not darwin)) "so"
:defaults defaults))
(defun copy-directory-tree (from to &key force)
(dolist (file (append (uiop:directory-files from)
(uiop:subdirectories from)) to)
(let ((output (make-pathname :name (pathname-name file)
:type (pathname-type file)
:defaults to)))
(cond ((directory-p file)
(subdirectory to (directory-name file))
:force force))
((or force (not (uiop:file-exists-p output)))
(ensure-directories-exist output)
(status 1 "Copying ~s to ~s" (uiop:native-namestring file) (uiop:native-namestring output))
(copy-file file output))))))
(defun copy-libs (from to &key (test (constantly T)) force)
(dolist (input (etypecase from
(list from)
(pathname (append (uiop:directory-files from)
(uiop:subdirectories from)))))
(if (uiop:directory-pathname-p input)
;; KLUDGE: Special handling for the Qt plugins.
(if (find "plugins" (pathname-directory input) :test #'string=)
(copy-directory-tree input (subdirectory to (directory-name input)) :force force)
(copy-libs input (subdirectory to (directory-name input)) :test test :force force))
(when (funcall test input)
(let ((output (installed-library-file (determine-shared-library-name input) to)))
(when (or force (not (uiop:file-exists-p output)))
(ensure-directories-exist output)
(status 1 "Copying ~s to ~s" (uiop:native-namestring input) (uiop:native-namestring output))
(uiop:copy-file input output)))))))
(defun ensure-standalone-libs (&key (method :install-binaries) force (standalone-dir *standalone-libs-dir*))
(let ((dirty force))
(flet ((ensure-installed (so system)
(when (or force (and (not (uiop:file-exists-p (installed-library-file so standalone-dir)))))
(let ((system (make-instance system)))
(when method (stage method system :force force))
(copy-libs (output-files system) standalone-dir :force force)
(setf dirty T)))))
(ensure-installed "QtCore" 'qt4)
(ensure-installed "smokebase" 'smokegen)
(ensure-installed "smokeqtcore" 'smokeqt)
(ensure-installed "commonqt" 'libcommonqt))
(when (and dirty (eql method :install-sources))
#+darwin (fix-dylib-collection (uiop:directory-files standalone-dir (make-pathname :type "dylib" :defaults uiop:*wild-path*)))
#+linux (fix-ldlib-collection (uiop:directory-files standalone-dir (make-pathname :type "so" :defaults uiop:*wild-path*)))))
(defun %ensure-lib-loaded (file)
(let ((file (etypecase file
(pathname file)
(string (installed-library-file file))))
(name (intern (string-upcase (pathname-name file))))
#+sbcl(sb-ext:*muffled-warnings* 'style-warning))
name `((T ,file))
:search-path (to-directory file))
(unless (cffi:foreign-library-loaded-p name)
(cffi:load-foreign-library name))))
(defun ensure-lib-loaded (file)
(cond ((pathnamep file)
(%ensure-lib-loaded file))
((starts-with "smoke" file)
(asdf:load-system (subseq file 5) :verbose NIL))
(asdf:load-system file :verbose NIL))))
(defun setup-paths ()
(pushnew *standalone-libs-dir* cffi:*foreign-library-directories*)
#+windows (pushnew-path *standalone-libs-dir* "PATH")
#+darwin (pushnew-path *standalone-libs-dir* "DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH")
#+unix (pushnew-path *standalone-libs-dir* "LD_LIBRARY_PATH"))
(defclass foreign-library-component (asdf:file-component)
(:default-initargs :type #+windows "dll" #+darwin "dylib" #+linux "so"
#-(or windows darwin linux) NIL))
(defmethod asdf:perform ((op asdf:compile-op) (c foreign-library-component))
(%ensure-lib-loaded (asdf:component-name c)))
(defmethod asdf:perform ((op asdf:load-op) (c foreign-library-component))
(%ensure-lib-loaded (asdf:component-name c)))
(defclass foreign-library-system (asdf:system)
((library-files :accessor library-files :initarg :library-files :initform NIL)
(smoke-module :accessor smoke-module :initarg :module :initform NIL)))
(defmacro f (pkg name &rest args)
`(funcall (find-symbol ,(string name) ,(string pkg)) ,@args))
(defmethod asdf:perform :after ((op asdf:compile-op) (c foreign-library-system))
(when (smoke-module c)
(f qt initialize-smoke (smoke-module c))))
(defmethod asdf:perform :after ((op asdf:load-op) (c foreign-library-system))
(when (smoke-module c)
(f qt initialize-smoke (smoke-module c))))
(defun manually-load-foreign-library-system (sys)
(let* ((asdf:*system-definition-search-functions* ())
(sys (asdf:find-system sys T))
(plan (asdf/plan:make-plan 'asdf/plan:sequential-plan 'asdf:load-op sys
#+ASDF3.3 :forcing #+ASDF3.3 (asdf/forcing:make-forcing :system sys :force T)
#-ASDF3.3 :force #-ASDF3.3 T)))
(loop for (op . c) in (asdf/plan:plan-actions plan)
when (and (typep op 'asdf/lisp-action:compile-op)
(or (typep c 'foreign-library-component)
(typep c 'foreign-library-system)))
do (handler-bind ((warning #'muffle-warning))
(asdf:perform op c)))))
(defun compile-foreign-library-system (name &key module depends-on library-files)
`(asdf:defsystem ,(make-symbol (string-upcase name))
:defsystem-depends-on (:qt-libs)
:class "qt-libs:foreign-library-system"
:version "1.0.0"
:license "Artistic"
:author "Nicolas Hafner <>"
:maintainer "Nicolas Hafner <>"
:description ,(format NIL "Loads the ~a foreign library." name)
,@(when module `(:module ,(string-upcase module)))
:serial T
:components ,(loop for file in library-files
collect `("qt-libs:foreign-library-component" ,file))
:depends-on (:qt+libs ,@depends-on)))
(defun write-foreign-library-system (name &key module depends-on library-files path)
(let ((path (or path (asdf:system-relative-pathname :qt-libs (format NIL "systems/~(~a~).asd" name)))))
(ensure-directories-exist path)
(with-open-file (stream path :direction :output :if-exists :supersede)
(let ((*package* (find-package :cl-user))
(*print-case* :downcase)
(*print-pretty* T))
(destructuring-bind (def name &rest kargs)
(compile-foreign-library-system name :module module :depends-on depends-on :library-files library-files)
(format stream "~
\(~s ~s~{
~s ~s~})"
def name kargs))))
;; Manually gathered from ldd/otool/depwalker information about the libraries
(defun generate-foreign-library-systems ()
(macrolet ((g (&body defs)
,@(loop for def in defs
collect (destructuring-bind (name &key (module-p T) depends-on library-files) def
',name :depends-on ',depends-on
:library-files ',library-files
:module ,(when module-p `',name)))))))
(g (smokebase
:library-files ("smokebase")
:module-p NIL)
:depends-on (:smokebase)
:library-files ("QtCore" "QtGui" "commonqt")
:module-p NIL)
:depends-on (:qtcore :qtgui
(:feature (:or :linux :darwin) :qtdbus)
(:feature (:or :linux :darwin) :qtxml))
:library-files ("phonon" "smokephonon"))
:depends-on (:qtcore :qtgui)
:library-files ("qimageblitz" "smokeqimageblitz"))
:depends-on (:qtcore :qtgui)
:library-files ("qscintilla2" "smokeqsci"))
:depends-on (:qtcore :qtgui :qtxml :qtnetwork :qtsql)
:library-files ("Qt3Support" "smokeqt3support"))
:depends-on (:commonqt)
:library-files ("QtCore" "smokeqtcore"))
:depends-on (:qtcore :qtxml)
:library-files ("QtDBus" "smokeqtdbus"))
:depends-on (:qtcore :qtgui :qtnetwork :qtscript :qtsql :qtxmlpatterns)
:library-files ("QtDeclarative" "smokeqtdeclarative"))
:depends-on (:qtcore)
:library-files ("QtGui" "smokeqtgui"))
:depends-on (:qtcore :qtgui :qtnetwork :qtsql)
:library-files ("QtCLucene" "QtHelp" "smokeqthelp"))
:depends-on (:qtcore)
:library-files ("QtNetwork" "smokeqtnetwork"))
:depends-on (:qtcore :qtgui)
:library-files ("QtOpenGL" "smokeqtopengl"))
:depends-on (:qtcore)
:library-files ("QtScript" "smokeqtscript"))
:depends-on (:qtcore :qtgui)
:library-files ("QtSql" "smokeqtsql"))
:depends-on (:qtcore :qtgui)
:library-files ("QtSvg" "smokeqtsvg"))
:depends-on (:qtcore :qtgui)
:library-files ("QtTest" "smokeqttest"))
:depends-on (:qtcore :qtgui)
:library-files ("smokeqtuitools"))
:depends-on (:qtcore :qtgui :qtnetwork)
:library-files ("QtWebKit" "smokeqtwebkit"))
:depends-on (:qtcore :qtgui
(:feature :windows :qtsvg))
:library-files ("qwt" "smokeqwt"))
:depends-on (:qtcore :qtnetwork)
:library-files ("QtXmlPatterns" "smokeqtxmlpatterns"))
:depends-on (:qtcore)
:library-files ("QtXml" "smokeqtxml")))))