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This file is a part of Qtools
(c) 2015 Shirakumo (
Author: Nicolas Hafner <>
(in-package #:org.shirakumo.qtools)
(defvar *smoke-modules-to-reload* ())
(defvar *build-hooks* ())
(defvar *boot-hooks* ())
(defvar *quit-hooks* ())
(defvar *deployment-location* NIL)
(deploy:define-hook (:deploy qtools) (directory)
(when (find :deploy-qt-plugins *features*)
(deploy:status 1 "Copying Qt plugins directory.")
(merge-pathnames "plugins/" qt-libs:*standalone-libs-dir*)
(deploy:define-hook (:build qtools) ()
(setf *smoke-modules-to-reload* (loaded-smoke-modules))
(deploy:status 1 "Will load the following smoke modules on boot:
~s" *smoke-modules-to-reload*)
(deploy:status 1 "Calling Qtools build hooks.")
(mapc #'funcall *build-hooks*)
(deploy:status 1 "Pruning the image.")
(setf qt:*qapplication* NIL)
;; Force CommonQt to forget all prior information it might have had.
(when (find-package :verbose)
(funcall (find-symbol (string :remove-global-controller) :verbose)))
(setf cffi:*foreign-library-directories* ())
(setf qt-libs:*standalone-libs-dir* "."))
(deploy:define-hook (:boot qtools (1+ most-positive-fixnum)) ()
(when (find-package :verbose)
(funcall (find-symbol (string :restart-global-controller) :verbose)))
(setf qt-libs:*standalone-libs-dir* (deploy:data-directory))
(let (#+sbcl(sb-ext:*muffled-warnings* 'style-warning))
;; Reload libcommonqt core safely
(qt-libs::%ensure-lib-loaded "smokebase")
(qt-libs::%ensure-lib-loaded "commonqt")
;; Reload our modules
(dolist (mod *smoke-modules-to-reload*)
(deploy:status 1 "Loading smoke module ~a." mod)
(qt-libs:manually-load-foreign-library-system mod))
;; Reload Q+
(deploy:status 0 "Running Qtools boot hooks.")
(mapc #'funcall *boot-hooks*)))
(deploy:define-hook (:quit qtools) ()
(loop for func in *quit-hooks*
do (handler-case (funcall func)
(error (err)
(deploy:status 1 "Error during quit: ~a" err)))))
(defun qtools-library-p (lib)
(flet ((lib-matches-p (libname)
(string-equal (string libname) (string (deploy:library-name lib)))))
(or (loop for module in (list* :base *smoke-modules*)
thereis (or (lib-matches-p module)
(lib-matches-p (format NIL "smoke~a" module))))
(lib-matches-p "commonqt"))))
;; Override
(defmethod shared-initialize :after ((library deploy:library) slots &key)
(setf (deploy:library-path library) (deploy:find-source-file library))
(when (qtools-library-p library)
(setf (deploy:library-dont-open-p library) T)))
(defclass qt-program-op (deploy:deploy-op)
(defmethod deploy:discover-entry-point ((o qt-program-op) (c asdf:system))
(let* ((entry (asdf/system:component-entry-point c))
(class (ignore-errors (uiop:coerce-class entry :super 'qtools:widget :error NIL)))
(func (ignore-errors (uiop:ensure-function entry))))
(cond ((not entry)
(error "~a does not specify an entry point." c))
(func func)
(class (lambda () (with-main-window (window (make-instance class)))))
(T (error "~a's entry point ~a is not coercable to a widget class or function!" c entry)))))
(defmethod asdf:perform :before ((o qt-program-op) (c asdf:system))
(setf *deployment-location* (second (asdf:output-files o c))))
;; hook ASDF
(flet ((export! (symbol package)
(import symbol package)
(export symbol package)))
(export! 'qt-program-op :asdf/bundle)
(export! 'qt-program-op :asdf))