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This file is a part of random-state
(c) 2015 Shirakumo (
Author: Nicolas Hafner <>
(in-package #:org.shirakumo.random-state)
(defclass linear-congruence (generator)
((state :accessor state)
(multiplier :initarg :multiplier :reader multiplier :writer set-multiplier)
(increment :initarg :increment :reader increment :writer set-increment)
(bytes :initarg :bytes :writer set-bytes))
:bytes 64
:multiplier 6364136223846793005
:increment 1442695040888963407))
(defmethod reseed ((generator linear-congruence) &optional new-seed)
(setf (state generator) (mod new-seed (1- (ash 1 (bytes generator))))))
(defmethod random-byte ((generator linear-congruence))
(let ((c (increment generator))
(a (multiplier generator))
(x (state generator))
(b (bytes generator)))
(declare (optimize speed)
(type integer b c a x))
(let ((new (mod (+ c (* x a)) (1- (ash 1 b)))))
(setf (state generator) new)
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