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This file is a part of Staple
(c) 2014 Shirakumo (
Author: Nicolas Hafner <>
(in-package #:org.shirakumo.staple)
(defun markup-code-snippets-ignoring-errors (html)
(handler-bind ((error (lambda (e)
(format *debug-io* "~&WARN: Error during code markup: ~a" e)
(when (find-restart 'skip-tag)
(invoke-restart 'skip-tag)))))
(markup-code-snippets html)))
(defun markup-code-snippets (html)
(let ((root (etypecase html
(plump:node html)
((or string pathname) (plump:parse html)))))
(flet ((markup (node)
(cond ((string= "pre" (plump:tag-name (plump:parent node)))
(markup-code-block node))
((and (plump:first-element node)
(string= "pre" (plump:tag-name (plump:first-element node))))
(markup-code-block (plump:first-child node)))
(markup-code-reference node)))
(skip-tag ()
:report "Skip marking up the current tag."))
(lquery:$ root "code" (each #'markup))
(etypecase html
(plump:node root)
((or string pathname) (plump:serialize root NIL))))))
(defun make-xref-link (parent href content)
(let ((link (plump:make-element parent "a")))
(setf (plump:attribute link "href") href)
(setf (plump:attribute link "class") "xref")
(plump:make-text-node link content)
(defun markup-code-block (node)
(let* ((text (plump:text node))
(parse-result (staple-code-parser:parse text))
(definitions (staple-code-parser:parse-result->definition-list parse-result))
(definitions (remove-duplicates definitions :key #'cdr :test #'equal)))
(plump:clear node)
(loop for prev = 0 then end
for (def loc) in (sort definitions #'< :key #'caadr)
for (start . end) = loc
for xref = (xref def)
do (cond (xref
(plump:make-text-node node (subseq text prev start))
(make-xref-link node xref (subseq text start end)))
(plump:make-text-node node (subseq text prev end))))
finally (plump:make-text-node node (subseq text prev)))
(defun markup-code-reference (node)
(let* ((content (plump:text node))
(xref (xref content)))
(when xref
(plump:clear node)
(make-xref-link node xref content))
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