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This file is a part of Staple
(c) 2014 Shirakumo (
Author: Nicolas Hafner <>
(in-package #:org.shirakumo.staple)
(defvar *document-patterns*
'("README" "readme" "documentation"))
(defvar *image-patterns*
'("\\.svg$" "\\.png$" "\\.jpg$" "\\.jpeg$" "\\.gif$" "\\.bmp$"))
(defvar *default-template*
(asdf:system-relative-pathname :staple "default/default.ctml"))
(defclass simple-page (system-page)
((document :initarg :document :accessor document)
(images :initarg :images :accessor images))
:document NIL
:images ()
:input *default-template*))
(defmethod initialize-instance :after ((page simple-page) &key document output language)
(unless output
(error "OUTPUT required."))
(unless language
(setf (language page) (or (when document (extract-language (file-namestring document)))
(when output (extract-language (file-namestring output)))
(unless (or (pathname-name output)
(pathname-type output))
(setf (output page) (merge-pathnames (filename page) (output page)))))
(defmethod filename ((page simple-page))
(make-pathname :name (if (find (language page) '(:en :eng))
(format NIL "index-~(~a~)" (language page)))
:type "html"))
(defmethod definition-wanted-p ((definition definitions:definition) (project simple-page))
(eql :external (definitions:visibility definition)))
(defmethod definition-wanted-p ((definition definitions:method) (project simple-page))
(defmethod definition-wanted-p ((definition definitions:package) (project simple-page))
(defmethod definition-wanted-p ((definition definitions:compiler-macro) (project simple-page))
(defmethod definition-wanted-p ((definition definitions:declaration) (project simple-page))
(defmethod compile-source ((document pathname) (page simple-page))
(let ((*package* (or (first (packages page))
(find-package "CL-USER"))))
(compile-source document T))))
(defmethod template-data append ((page simple-page))
(list :documentation (when (document page)
(compile-source (document page) page))
:images (loop for image in (images page)
collect (file-namestring image))))
(defmethod documents ((system asdf:system))
(let ((source (asdf:system-source-directory system)))
(when source
(remove-if-not (lambda (path) (pathname-type->type (pathname-type path)))
(find-files source *document-patterns*)))))
(defmethod images ((system asdf:system))
(let ((source (asdf:system-source-directory system)))
(when source
(find-files source *image-patterns* :max-depth 1))))
(defmethod subsystems ((system asdf:system))
(let ((subsystems ()))
(lambda (subsystem)
(when (and (not (eql subsystem system))
(prefix-p (asdf:component-name system)
(asdf:component-name subsystem)))
(push subsystem subsystems))))
(defmethod page-type ((system asdf:system))
(defmethod template ((system asdf:system))
(defmethod output-directory ((system asdf:system))
(merge-pathnames "doc/" (asdf:system-source-directory system)))
(define-condition no-known-output-directory (error)
((system :initarg :system :reader system))
(:report (lambda (c s) (format s "Cannot infer output directory for ~a."
(asdf:component-name (system c))))))
(defmethod infer-project ((system asdf:system) &key output-directory images documents page-type template packages subsystems)
(load-extension system)
(let* ((output-directory (or output-directory (output-directory system)))
(documents (or documents (documents system)))
(images (or images (images system)))
(page-type (or page-type (page-type system)))
(template (or template (template system)))
(packages (or packages (packages system)))
(subsystems (or subsystems (subsystems system))))
(with-value-restart output-directory
(unless (and (pathnamep output-directory)
(pathname-utils:directory-p output-directory))
(error 'no-known-output-directory :system system)))
(let ((project (make-instance 'simple-project :output output-directory)))
(flet ((p (page) (push page (pages project))))
;; Do subsystems first to filter documents list.
(dolist (spec subsystems)
(destructuring-bind (subsystem . args) (if (listp spec) spec (list spec))
(let ((sub-directory (or (getf args :output-directory)
(pathname-utils:subdirectory output-directory (asdf:component-name subsystem))))
(subdocuments (or (getf args :documents) (documents subsystem) '(NIL)))
(images (or (getf args :images) (images subsystem) images))
(page-type (or (getf args :page-type) (page-type subsystem) page-type))
(template (or (getf args :template) (template subsystem) template))
(packages (or (getf args :packages) (packages subsystem))))
;; If we have the same source directory, and the documents are
;; automatically discovered, we'll set them to NIL here to avoid
;; documents intended for the primary system from being used for
;; a subsystem.
(when (subsetp documents subdocuments)
(setf subdocuments '(NIL)))
;; Otherwise, remove all documents from the primary system.
(setf documents (set-difference documents subdocuments :test #'equal))
;; And add pages for the subsystem.
(dolist (document subdocuments)
(p (make-instance page-type
:project project
:input template
:output sub-directory
:system subsystem
:document document
:images images
:packages packages)))
;; Images!
(dolist (image images)
(p (make-instance 'static-page
:project project
:input image
:output (pathname-utils:file-in sub-directory image)))))))
;; Pages for the primary documents.
(dolist (document (or documents '(NIL)))
(p (make-instance page-type
:project project
:input template
:output output-directory
:system system
:document document
:images images
:packages packages)))
;; Images and stuff.
(dolist (image images)
(p (make-instance 'static-page
:project project
:input image
:output (pathname-utils:file-in output-directory image)))))