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This file is a part of Staple
(c) 2014 Shirakumo (
Author: Nicolas Hafner <>
(in-package #:org.shirakumo.staple)
(defvar *page*)
(defclass page ()
((title :initarg :title :accessor title)
(language :initarg :language :initform :en :accessor language)
(output :initarg :output :accessor output)
(project :initarg :project :accessor project))
:output NIL
:title NIL
:project (error "PROJECT required.")))
(defmethod initialize-instance :after ((page page) &key output language)
(unless language
(setf (language page) (or (when output (extract-language (file-namestring output)))
(defmethod print-object ((page page) stream)
(print-unreadable-object (page stream :type T)
(format stream "~s (~a)" (title page) (language page))))
(defgeneric generate (page &key &allow-other-keys))
(defmethod generate :around ((page page) &key)
(let ((*page* page))
(defmethod generate :before ((page page) &key)
(with-value-restart (output page)
(unless (typep (output page) 'stream-designator)
(error "The output file for ~a is not a stream designator."
(when (typep (output page) 'pathname)
(ensure-directories-exist (output page)))))
(defmethod relative-path ((to page) (project (eql T)))
(relative-path to (project to)))
(defmethod relative-path ((to page) from)
(relative-path (output to) from))
(defmethod relative-path (to (from page))
(relative-path to (output from)))
(defclass input-page (page)
((input :initarg :input :accessor input))
:input NIL))
(defmethod generate :before ((page input-page) &key)
(with-value-restart (input page)
(unless (typep (input page) 'stream-designator)
(error "The input file for ~a is not a pathname."
(defclass static-page (input-page)
(defmethod generate ((page static-page) &key (if-exists :error))
(unless (equal (output page) (input page))
(with-stream (out (output page) :direction :output
:if-exists if-exists
:element-type '(unsigned-byte 8))
(with-stream (in (input page) :direction :input
:element-type '(unsigned-byte 8))
(loop with buffer = (make-array 4096 :element-type '(unsigned-byte 8))
for read = (read-sequence buffer in)
while (< 0 read)
do (write-sequence buffer out :end read))))))
(defclass compiled-page (input-page)
(defmethod generate ((page compiled-page) &key (if-exists :error) (compact T))
(let ((data (compile-source (input page) (pathname-type (input page))))
(plump:*tag-dispatchers* plump:*html-tags*))
(handler-bind ((plump:invalid-xml-character #'abort)
(plump:discouraged-xml-character #'continue))
(etypecase data
(with-stream (out (output page) :direction :output
:if-exists if-exists)
(when compact (compact data))
(plump:serialize data out)))
(with-stream (out (output page) :direction :output
:if-exists if-exists)
(write-string data out)))
((vector (unsigned-byte 8))
(with-stream (out (output page) :direction :output
:if-exists if-exists
:element-type '(unsigned-byte 8))
(write-sequence data out)))))))
(defclass templated-page (input-page)
(defgeneric template-data (page)
(:method-combination append :most-specific-first))
(defmethod template-data append ((page templated-page))
(list :title (title page)
:language (language page)
:input (input page)
:output (output page)
:project (project page)
:page page))
(defmethod generate ((page templated-page) &key (if-exists :error) (compact T))
(with-stream (out (output page) :direction :output
:if-exists if-exists)
(handler-bind ((plump:invalid-xml-character #'abort)
(plump:discouraged-xml-character #'continue))
(let* ((*package* #.*package*)
(plump:*tag-dispatchers* plump:*html-tags*)
(node (apply #'clip:process
(plump:parse (input page))
(template-data page))))
(when compact (compact node))
(plump:serialize node out)))))
(defclass definitions-index-page (templated-page)
((packages :initform NIL :accessor packages)))
(defmethod shared-initialize :after ((page definitions-index-page) slots &key packages)
(when packages (setf (packages page) packages)))
(defmethod (setf packages) :around (packages (page definitions-index-page))
(call-next-method (mapcar #'ensure-package packages) page))
(defmethod template-data append ((page definitions-index-page))
(list :packages (packages page)))
(defgeneric format-documentation (definition page))
(defmethod format-documentation ((definition definitions:definition) (page definitions-index-page))
(format-documentation (maybe-lang-docstring definition (language page)) page))
(defmethod format-documentation ((null null) (page definitions-index-page))
(defmethod format-documentation ((docstring string) (page definitions-index-page))
(flet ((replace-see (string start end mstart mend rstart rend)
(declare (ignore start end))
(let* ((match (subseq string (aref rstart 0) (aref rend 0)))
(identifier (plump:decode-entities match))
(cond ((cl-ppcre:scan "^[-a-zA-Z]+://" identifier)
(format NIL "See <a href=\"~a\" class=\"exref\">~a</a>"
match match))
((setf xref (xref identifier))
(format NIL "See <a href=\"~a\" class=\"xref\">~a</a>"
(plump:encode-entities xref) match))
(subseq string mstart mend))))))
(let* ((docstring (plump:encode-entities docstring))
(docstring (cl-ppcre:regex-replace-all "[sS]ee (.*)" docstring #'replace-see)))
(format NIL "<pre>~a</pre>" docstring))))
(defgeneric resolve-source-link (source page))
(defmethod resolve-source-link ((definition definitions:definition) (page definitions-index-page))
(when (find (symbol-package (definitions:symbol definition)) (packages page))
(let ((source (absolute-source-location (definitions:source-location definition))))
(when source (resolve-source-link source page)))))
(defmethod resolve-source-link (source (page definitions-index-page))
(cond ((pathname-utils:subpath-p
(truename (getf source :file))
(truename (output (project page))))
(format NIL "~a~@[#~a:~a~]"
(truename (getf source :file))
(truename (uiop:pathname-directory-pathname (output page))))
(getf source :row) (getf source :col)))
(format NIL "file://~a~@[#~a:~a~]"
(truename (getf source :file)) (getf source :row) (getf source :col)))))
(defgeneric definition-wanted-p (definition page))
(defmethod definition-wanted-p ((definition definitions:definition) (page definitions-index-page))
(defgeneric definitions (page package))
(defmethod definitions ((page definitions-index-page) package)
(delete-if-not (lambda (def) (definition-wanted-p def page))
(definitions:find-definitions package :package package)))
(defmethod definitions :around (page package)
(sort-definitions (call-next-method)))
(defclass system-page (definitions-index-page)
((system :initarg NIL :accessor system)))
(defmethod shared-initialize :after ((page system-page) slots &key system title)
(when system (setf (system page) system))
(unless (packages page)
(setf (packages page) (packages (system page))))
(unless title
(setf (title page) (titleize (asdf:component-name system)))))
(defmethod (setf system) :around (system (page system-page))
(call-next-method (etypecase system
((or string symbol) (asdf:find-system system T))
(asdf:system system))
(defmethod template-data append ((page system-page))
(list :system (system page)))
(defun github-project-root (github-url)
(cl-ppcre:register-groups-bind (user-1 user-2 repo) ("(?:https?://|//)?(?[\\w-]+)|([\\w-]+)[\\w-]+)" github-url)
(format NIL "" (or user-1 user-2) repo)))
(defmethod resolve-source-link (source (page system-page))
(cond ((and (search "github" (asdf:system-homepage (system page)))
(pathname-utils:subpath-p (truename (getf source :file))
(truename (asdf:system-source-directory (system page)))))
(format NIL "~a/blob/master/~a~@[#L~a~]"
(github-project-root (asdf:system-homepage (system page)))
(enough-namestring (getf source :file)
(asdf:system-source-directory (system page)))
(getf source :row)))