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This file is a part of Staple
(c) 2014 Shirakumo (
Author: Nicolas Hafner <>
(in-package #:org.shirakumo.staple)
(defvar *load-prohibited-systems*
(loop for name in '("asdf" "asdf-package-system" "asdf/defsystem" "asdf/driver" "asdf/prelude")
for sys = (asdf:find-system name NIL)
when sys collect sys))
(defvar *loaded-extensions*)
(defclass project ()
((output :initarg :output :accessor output)))
(defgeneric pages (project))
(defmethod generate ((project project) &rest args)
(let ((results ()))
(with-simple-restart (abort "Abort ~a" project)
(dolist (page (pages project))
(with-simple-restart (continue "Ignore ~a" page)
(push (apply #'generate page args) results))))
(values project (nreverse results))))
(defmethod relative-path ((to project) from)
(relative-path (output to) from))
(defmethod relative-path (to (from project))
(relative-path (output from) to))
(defclass simple-project (project)
((pages :initarg :pages :accessor pages))
:pages ()))
(defgeneric extension-file (system))
(defmethod extension-file (system)
(let ((source (asdf:system-source-directory system)))
(when source (make-pathname :name "staple.ext" :type "lisp" :defaults source))))
(defgeneric find-project (project &key &allow-other-keys))
(defmethod find-project (name &rest args)
(let ((system (asdf:find-system name NIL)))
(when system
(apply #'find-project system args))))
(defun make-extension-load-table ()
(let ((table (make-hash-table :test 'eq)))
(dolist (sys *load-prohibited-systems* table)
(setf (gethash sys table) T))))
(defun load-extension (system)
(let ((*loaded-extensions* (if (boundp '*loaded-extensions*)
(system (ensure-system system)))
(unless (gethash system *loaded-extensions*)
(setf (gethash system *loaded-extensions*) T)
(load-system-quietly system)
(loop for dependency in (asdf:system-depends-on system)
for depsys = (asdf/find-component:resolve-dependency-spec system dependency)
do (when depsys (load-extension depsys)))
(let ((extension (extension-file system)))
(when (and extension (probe-file extension))
(load extension)))
(defmethod find-project ((system asdf:system) &rest args)
(load-extension system)
;; Now that the extension might have been loaded we can look
;; for new methods on this function specific to the system.
(when (or (find-method #'find-project () `((eql ,system)) NIL)
(find-method #'find-project () `((eql ,(system-name system))) NIL))
(apply #'find-project (system-name system) args)))
(defgeneric infer-project (project &key &allow-other-keys))
(defmethod infer-project (name &rest args)
(let ((system (asdf:find-system name NIL)))
(when system
(apply #'infer-project system args))))
(defmethod generate (project &rest args)
(let ((project (or (apply #'find-project project args)
(apply #'infer-project project args)
(error "Cannot generate documentation for ~s: Could not find or infer a project."
(apply #'generate project args)))