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This file is a part of Staple
(c) 2014 Shirakumo (
Author: Nicolas Hafner <>
(in-package #:org.shirakumo.staple)
(defvar *pathname-type-type-map* ())
(defun pathname-type->type (type &optional errorp)
(loop for (result . types) in *pathname-type-type-map*
do (when (find type types :test #'string-equal)
(return result))
finally (when errorp (error "Unknown pathname-type ~s." type))))
(defun (setf pathname-type->type) (types type)
(check-type type keyword)
(check-type types list)
(setf *pathname-type-type-map*
(remove type *pathname-type-type-map* :key #'car))
(when types
(setf *pathname-type-type-map*
(list* (list* type types)
(defgeneric compile-source (source type))
(defmethod compile-source (source (type string))
(compile-source source (pathname-type->type type T)))
(defmethod compile-source ((source pathname) type)
(compile-source (read-file source) type))
(defmethod compile-source ((source pathname) (type (eql T)))
(compile-source source (pathname-type source)))
(defmacro define-source-compiler ((type &rest pathname-types) (input) &body body)
(check-type type keyword)
,@(when pathname-types `((setf (pathname-type->type ,type) ',pathname-types)))
(defmethod compile-source ((,input string) (type (eql ,type)))
(define-source-compiler (:html "htm" "html" "xhtml") (input)
(plump:parse input))
(define-source-compiler (:text "txt" "text") (input)